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Fridge / One Day at a Time (2017)

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Fridge Logic:

  • Shouldn't Penelope be able to infer that Doctor Who isn't a medical show from the fact that her patients never mentioned it or conditions discussed on it?
    • How often do you discuss medical shows with the nurse at your doctor's office?
    • It does seem weird, but maybe nurses do get "well when someone had these symptoms on this show..." more than they'd like to hear.
    • According to this troper's wife (a cardiac nurse), people in the medical field tend to hate medical shows as much as cops hate cop shows and for the same reasons.

Fridge Horror:

  • You see several hundred of the family's relatives at Elena's quinces, but if her father walked out on their waltz because she's gay, how many others do you think might not have shown up because of it? Or would walk out, too? To imagine it happening is heartbreaking.
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  • If Alex hadn't have found Penelope's gun in "Locked Out", she would have when she was having her major depressive episode in "Hello Penelope".

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