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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • When trying to think of ideas on how to escape the beach, Trent mentions wrapping themselves in a metal tube in order to blunt the effects that cause people to pass out when trying to leave, but is shot down as they have no way of making a metal tube. However in an earlier shot when we see the inside of one of the boxes of food the resort gave them, all the food appears to be in foil wrapped packages (or something like it). This could explain why the food doesn't age as rapidly as everything else, as otherwise it would have gone bad instantly.
    • Alternatively, the food could have been preserved for the same reason that the hair and nails didn't grow as quickly; they're not living cells.
  • Idlib's uncle refuses to let him mingle with the guests. He even physically drags the kid out of the restaurant when Idlib came to say hi to Trent over breakfast. Given the coded message, it's highly possible Idlib had an idea about what his uncle was doing and had tried to save people in his Innocent Inaccurate method.

Fridge Horror

  • By the film's end, Trent and Maddox are left in their '50s, but mentally and emotionally speaking, they're still 6 and 11 years old (respectively). How are they supposed to function in society given their limited education?
    • That's the idea: they won't... Which is the reason why they go to live with their aunt by the end of the story, to give the audience a (partial) consolation that they'll have someone to watch over them the rest of their days.
    • What will happen when they face all this? When there's no one else to take care of them? With few adults being able to connect with them? Being unable to adjust with their mental age? Hopefully neither will cut their lives short...
    • Presumably, they would be able to win a court case against the Pharmaceutical company and hopefully get enough money to live out the rest of their days in peace, traumatized but taken care of. Hopefully get some therapy too.
    • The implication garnered from Maddox's conversation with Mid Sized Sedan is that her physical aging has granted some emotional maturity and acceptance of the situation, if not however resulting in a full mental education as would be achieved during a normal lifetime. Perhaps less so for her brother, who was five years younger to begin with, but still to a reasonable extent and again he has both her and the aunt to help support him for any shortcomings there.
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  • Trial 73 is the designation given to the family's and couple's trapped on the beach during the movie's runtime. The thought of how many innocents have died to further the resort's ambitions can send a chill down anyone's spine.
  • In the big reveal scene of the film, the scientists talk about how the drug they gave Patricia "cured" her seizures, since she didn't have one for 8 1/2 hours on the beach (17 years in real time). However, they clearly didn't cure her seizures, since after that time, they recurred and ultimately killed her. So, it's possible the pharmaceutical company was about to release a "cure" that is actually only temporary, which could have negative consequences.
    • That’s presumably without regular doses, if we assume she only had the initial dose in the specially prepared cocktail given at arrival. So when her seizures returned, that’s likely when that initial dose wore off. So 17 years isn’t that bad, presuming the released medicine would require top up doses every few years.
  • In a rather Squicky Tear Jerker, due to Trent's mental and physical age at the end of the film, his child with Kara is possibly the only time he will experience being a father.