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  • Fridge Brilliance: Bond telling a tiger to "sit" - and it does. It may seem like Deus ex Machina until you realize it's a tamed tiger and Bond did his best Kamal impression.
  • Fridge Logic: General Orlov destroys the real Faberge Egg, thinking it's the fake. Only one character realizes this and flinches.
    • If Orlov did succeed in his plans to weaken the West's nuclear arsenal and allow him to lead Soviet Russia to glorious victory, where was Khan going to spend all the payoffs in a post-war communist world? Or worse, if the plan went wrong and the West retaliated with World War III?
      • Kamal is hardly the first capitalist Bond villain to team up with Commies though, and it's not like conquering Europe equates to immediate Soviet world domination. Like Kristatos and Blofeld he's a criminal so presumably Socialism would only have so much effect on him. Or like Goldfinger he could just be insane.
      • Kamal does not necessarily need to buy into Orlov's belief of classical communism to consider working with him. Soviet (and American) leadership in general has historically shown itself to be pragmatic as necessary during the Cold War - Kamal may be thinking that Orlov is just wrong and expects his vision to fail, or that he expects to be able to cut deals with other parts of the revised order as necessary (if the Soviet model really worked as advertised, the "some are more equal than others" quip wouldn't work). As far as the risk of nuclear retaliation from the West, again differing mental calculations between Orlov and Kamal can explain it - Kamal, not being based in Europe, has a higher risk tolerance for nuclear exchange there since he is more likely to gain and less likely to lose materially (Orlov's calculations appear to be different in thinking that Western Europe would rather have Soviet overlords above their heads than nuclear fallout).

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