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Fridge Brilliance

  • Ultron and Tony Stark have the same voice actor (Tom Kane), now at first, one could take this is simply cutting costs by not hiring another voice actor to do one of the roles. However, after it is revealed that Tony built Ultron in the story, it suddenly makes sense, as it is very possible Tony would install parts of his own personality into Ultron.
  • James Rogers was more than likely named after Captain America's old friend and sidekick James "Bucky" Barnes.

Fridge Horror:

  • We know that Clint died when Francis was young, but he never mentions his mother, who is apparently Bobbi. Why? She probably died when he was even younger.
  • A combination of horror and Tear Jerker, Ultron had a huge collection of items taken from dead heroes. Avengers, X-Men, and many more. In the end it took the Hulk less than a minute to rip him apart, allowing Torunn to dispose of his remains safely in space. Now in all those years, why didn't any of the other heroes think of calling upon the Hulk?

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