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Fridge / Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!

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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Dick Grayson didn't become Nightwing after leaving the mantle of Robin behind. Why? Because the name Nightwing was taken from the Kryptonian legend of the Nightwing and Flamebird. Since Kal-El/Izuku didn't come to Earth until long after superheroism became widespread in this story, it's only natural that Dick's codename would be different.
  • A second one with Dick Grayson is why he retired after the Fantastic Racism against aliens became rampant. As a human, there's no reason he had to go into hiding, since, logically, none of it would be directed towards him; however, the existence of his descendant Selene Wayne confirms that he was in a relationship with Starfire, who would eventually mother at least one of his children. If that's the case, then he most likely did so in support for his lover/possibly-future-wife, who was an alien that was receiving unwarranted scorn for her heritage.
  • It's mentioned that Izuku will have the "Superman" hero name instead of the canonical Deku name. How so? Well, in canon he gets the idea to call himself "Deku" from Uraraka...which makes her Shrinking Violet self in this verse existing in part so he doesn't reclaim "Deku" and instead ends up with "Superman".
  • In chapter ten, Ashido says a chemical lab she went to on a field trip was attacked by Naiad, only for her to be defeated by Firestorm. Naiad is a minor villain originally introduced as an enemy of Firestorm.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Izuku developed his Super-Hearing at four years old at a time when anti-alien sentiment was still rampant. Just how often does he hear people talking about how the want to capture, beat, or murder him? Chapter 4 makes it worse, when even small children are buying weapons and lures in hopes of finding and beating the alien up.
  • There is mention of the fourth Robin becoming the current Batman. If following the more-or-less established continuity, it means Damian Wayne is now enforcing peace in Gotham. Let us pray for poor Terry...
  • Kaminari mentions he was bullied for being Quirkless until his Metagene's activation at five-year-old. Uraraka confesses her Metagene didn't come out before she was fourteen. How much of her Shrinking Violet nature is a consequence of discrimination?

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