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Fridge Brilliance

  • As Naomi and Paige each became more openly ambitious, their mutual respect gradually gave way to an animosity between the two for standing in one another's way, eventually becoming heated enemies as of spring to summer 2015. While the feud itself is in its early stages, these two may be the ladies most fit to hate each other in terms of current WWE characters. Naomi is a flashy and athletic American, Paige is a rough and powerful Brit. Naomi married into a wrestling family, Paige was born into one. Naomi has had to slowly work her way up only to get screwed by bad luck every time she neared the top, Paige has been quickly grabbing opportunities since NXT. As far as skin color goes, Naomi is the darkest woman on the WWE roster while Paige is the palest. And both characters' "true surname" is Knight, making them literally the Black Knight and the White Knight—true polar opposites.


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