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Fridge Brilliance

  • In this game, Richard is a conspiracy theorist to a high extreme. In his home series, the V.S.S.E deals with international incidents that can appear to be conspiracies, especially to the paranoid. Is it any wonder why he joined the V.S.S.E and reached top rank anymore?
  • Terezi can come across as cruel or mean-spirited because she realizes that blackrom (a romantic relationship based on hate instead of love) is abnormal on Earth, but doesn't explain this to Cousin at first, and constantly harasses them in an effort to get them to hate her back regardless. Her actions become more justifiable if you realize that even though Cousin is not a troll, they aren't human either, so she had no reason to automatically assume they didn't understand blackrom.
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  • Anti-Bravoman being a former Evil Namco High student makes sense, because he literally is a shadowy evil clone. (Though he is not a robot.)


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