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Fridge / Mortadelo y Filemón

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  • It looks strange that in T.I.A. Filemón maintains his status as Mortadelo's boss, given that the two apparently have the same responsabilities and are treated with equal (lack of) respect. However, you should take into account that T.I.A. is an extremely incompetent pseudo-public organization...of course there is unnecesary hierachy!
  • Mort and Phil always refers each other with "usted", the Spanish formal you, instead of "tú". This is strange in Spain, specially for people who know for so long and spend as much time together as Mort and Phil do. This is more understandable when you realize that they can't stand each other.
    • Bear in mind, though, that this formality of address in the workplace was the norm when the series started.

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