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Fridge / Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

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  • At the end of the film, why didn't the new iPhones that Ethan handed to his team self-destruct? Don't all mission briefings do that?
  • Why didn't Hendricks toss the suitcase off the ledge and keep fighting Hunt to buy time?
  • It's obvious on rewatch that when Hunt and Brandt meet in Moscow, Brandt is shocked and trying to hide it, not meeting Hunt's eyes. When Hunt finally addresses him directly and asks, "Analyst, huh?", apropos of nothing, Brandt goes straight into "If you're implying that I made a bad call...", his guilty conscience jumping to the conclusion that Hunt somehow knows who he was before he was an analyst and blames him for his wife's death. It's a nice peek into Brandt's head before we even know the story.
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  • When Benji is cutting out the window in the Burj, the laser cutter sparks, startling Benji slightly. This foreshadows Ethan's use of the cutter while bracing himself between two ledges on the 'outside' of the Burj, where it sparks again, startling him and causing him to fall.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Venus is an even more appropriate name for Carter in Ghost Protocol than you might think at first. It is a planet thought to look beautiful, until people got a closer look/got through the clouds, then it became deadly.

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