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1989 Time Travel film

  • Fridge Brilliance: Why weren't they getting people off both planes in the beginning? Aha! They can only travel to a time period once, so they picked the plane with more passengers!
    • In the novel, they do get the passengers off both planes, by switching the portal back and forth between them.

The 1983 Novel

  • At various points in the story, Louise mentions the Gate had always existed, had been sitting where it was for "thousands of years", etc. She goes on to say that the oldest building in her city , The Fed, is a "relic of the 44th Century", meaning her city is that old, yet the Gate Project, and the structures built to house it, are only 500 years old. How is it no other civilization discovered and used The Gate? This is a big hint that the gate is of divine origin.

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