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Fridge Brilliance

  • Samus's scan visor is incredibly powerful, able to instantly identify any kind of flora or fauna in the galaxy, and effortlessly hack past the Space Pirates' best encryption. So why can't it identify the flourescent blue moss found around the landing zone on Tallon IV? Because the moss is a product of the Phazon corrupting the soil, which at this point the scanner only recognises as "radiation". With how pervasive the blue moss is, it seems the Space Pirates weren't kidding when they judged the planet as being only a few decades away from total extinction.

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  • The Space Pirate logs provide no less than 3 explanations for why Samus doesn't encounter any Space Pirates during the early parts of the game, and never at all in the Chozo Ruins. 1) Their stealth systems were offline after the space station crash, forcing them to lay low to avoid detection from the Federation. 2) The Pirates were under orders not to enter the Chozo Ruins after too many exploration teams were killed by Chozo Ghosts. 3) They had no idea that Samus was on the planet until she stepped in the front door of their base in the Phendrana Drifts.

  • Nothing about Thardus makes any kind of scientific sense. Except for how it holds itself together: the power up it drops upon defeat is the Spider Ball, which uses magnetism. Considering all the weird things Phazon is capable of, it's not a stretch to say Phazon ore could be magnetized.

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  • You'll notice that the Nightmare Fuel-infused Chozo Ghosts show up almost exclusively in areas that were considered sacred to the Chozo. This might even imply that even in when stuck in limbo, and after having becoming quite violent, there's still something of their original selves left as they fight to protect their relics.

  • After unlocking the Phazon Suit, the player might wonder why the suit doesn't have more of Phazon's signature neon blue in its color scheme, instead using red and black. That is, until they reach the Impact Crater and discover Red Phazon, which is even more concentrated and dangerous than the usual blue stuff.

  • At the end of the fight with Meta Ridley, he suddenly gets blasted by the statues surrounding the area. Why? He destroyed the larger totem in the center of the area before his fight with Samus. The Chozo follow through on their threats.
    Chozo Lore: Those who respect and honor these relics will know the friendship of the Chozo. Those who deface or destroy them will know our wrath, unfettered and raw.

  • Initially, nothing about the Metroid Prime's appearance really evokes the classic look of a Metroid larva - it's more like a Giant Enemy Crab than a Metroid. Except for the core essence within, which is a similar gelatinous, hovering creature with a red nucleus in its head and the ability to absorb energy.
    • The Metroid Prime's exoskeleton makes sense in retrospect after playing Prime 3 and meeting the Hopping Metroids.

Fridge Horror

  • The game begins with Samus receiving a random distress call from the Frigate Orpheon and going to investigate; it isn't until after she arrives that she discovers that the Orpheon is actually a Space Pirate base. And then you realize that this means that the Space Pirates—the biggest, toughest, meanest monsters in the galaxy up until this point of the Metroid series—were so absolutely terrified of the creatures on the Frigate that they were willing to outright beg for help (and consider that they literally had Ridley, their strongest member, on the ship with them—and that STILL wasn't enough to calm their fears). That's the first indication that whatever you're about to face on your quest is far, FAR more dangerous and powerful than anything Samus has fought before.

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