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Fridge / Mawaru-Penguindrum

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  • The number "95" appears during some significant scenes in the anime, including aboard a subway. An attack much like the one led by the twins' father occurred in 1995 in the form of the 1995 Aum Shinrikyo incident.
  • The fact that Ringo punches out the Crystal Princess in episode 5 becomes even more significant in light of the fact that the Princess is Momoka perhaps foreshadows that Ringo eventually stops trying to become Momoka and Be Yourself.
    • And in episode 11, the camera cuts to the Princess as Ringo is talking about Momoka.
  • I was puzzled by the fact that Yuri refers to Keiju as Tabuki-kun, since he's her fiancé, and you'd think that she'd call the man she's going to marry by his first name. She even refers to him as this when they're alone, and referring to someone that close to you that way is pretty unusual. And while at first this looks like it's simply an extension of her personality, cue the revelation that their relationship is fake, and it makes a lot more sense. This tends to get Lost in Translation in some subs, so not everyone might've noticed it.

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