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  • Once you know the secret of the Cobalt Star, it makes some of the actions involving it seem somewhat odd; if it contains the spirit of their leader, why do the Shroobs react violently to it and keep the pieces far apart, even feeding one to Petey Piranha? And conversely, why does the Cobalt Star assist you in finding its pieces even though that jeopardizes the invasion? Then you realize that those two questions answer each other.
    • To add on that, look at how Elder Princess Shroob treats her subjects once reformed; she smacks away the Shroobs that deliver her drinks once she's done with them, and will gladly shoot down her own ships just to try and hit the Mario Bros. Is it any wonder why the lesser Shroobs might not be too keen on allowing the Cobalt Star to be rebuilt?
    • The real question is, since Toadiko was present when Peach arrived in the past, why would she tell you to gather Cobalt Star shards?
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  • Most of the Toads in present-day Peach's Castle express confusion over how a few of the mechanics in the castle work. Given the Shroobs' takeover of the place, those mechanics were likely leftovers from the building's makeover.
  • The Shroobs constantly repeat a single word, again and again. Before Princess Shroob's battle, she says the same symbols, translated. What does this word mean? DESTROY!
  • Shouldn't the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom remember that time aliens invaded? The babies have excuses, because they're not old enough to even talk...except Baby Bowser, who can form coherent sentences. Wouldn't Adult Bowser remember back that far?
    • Considering that the Mushroom Kingdom has been at the center of endless catastrophic events since then, one alien invasion from 20 years ago is just another in the history books to its denizens. Kylie Koopa explicitly has no recollection of it when you meet her again in Dream Team.
  • How come the Elder Princess Shroob can speak English? Her fractured spirit in the Cobalt Star has been in the possession of the Mario Bros. throughout most of the game. She must've picked it enough up during the adventure to form some basic sentences.

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