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Fridge Brilliance

  • Early in the game, E. Gadd mentions that he "should have gone to (Luigi) first". At the time, you probably think it's a throwaway line poking fun at Luigi's Butt-Monkey status, but later you find out that Mario has been captured by King Boo again and the meaning becomes clear.
    • This becomes Fridge Awesome when you realize that Luigi succeeded where his brother couldn't.
  • Sometimes, when you're being Pixelated somewhere, there's pixels in the stream that are a different size and color then the ones that Luigi turns into, and they're traveling at a different speed than the Luigi pixels. This turns out to be foreshadowing that King Boo is fully aware of what Luigi and E. Gadd are doing, is watching their every move, and has the ability to mess with the teleporter.
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  • It seems odd that E. Gadd would skip 4000 and go from Poltergust 3000 to 5000, until you remember that the Poltergust 4000 already exists.
  • Remember Booreaucrat, the business-themed boo? What level is he in? E-3. At first it sounds random, until you realize that E3 is (in)famous for companies showing off their products while accidentally showing how overly-corporate and narmy they can be. Perhaps this is Next Level Games' way of poking fun at this.
  • The full moon is said to drive people insane. But the Dark Moon pacifies ghosts, pretty much the opposite effect; combined with its appearance, it's likely that that's how it got its name.
  • Before fighting Boolossus/Big Boo, it's shown as the "Area Boss" of the final level. However, After you beat it, it's shown as a normal level. Plot-wise, this level Luigi and E. Gadd believed they were ambushing King Boo, but instead got ambushed themselves. Gamewise, it appears as the world's boss, but instead was just a normal chapter. Considering King Boo is a master of illusions, it's possible that the previous BOSS Template for the mission was also an illusion, only this time, instead of just fooling E. Gadd and Luigi... He was also fooling YOU.
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  • In this game, beating King Boo involves looking at him so he stays in one place, because he's a Boo. This could be an ironic reference to his line in the original where he says that he'll "fight you like a true Boo."
  • At first, the ghosts seem rather different, having only solid colors and glowing white details. But then it makes complete sense- all of the ghosts in the first game were paintings of Vincent van Gore's. He's not remotely involved in this game, and so all of these ghosts, who are "natural" ghosts, would obviously look different.

Fridge Horror

  • this game raises three questions: 1. where did the dark moon come from? 2.why didn't it affect king boo? 3. Why, if the Dark Moon calms ghosts, are they going crazy, or are they mad someone made something that messes with their minds?
    • It's because the Dark Moon was shattered that the ghosts are going crazy. It calms them only when it's whole. Boos are a different kind of ghost, and not native to Evershade Valley, so they're exempt from the Dark Moon's influence.
  • So E. Gadd sold King Boo's portrait. What happened to the person who bought it when King Boo got free?
    • I assumed Bowser got a hold of it. Considering that E. Gadd gave Bowser Jr. the paintbrush in Super Mario Sunshine, who's to say he didn't sell Bowser King Boo's painting.
      • Considering King Boo wanted to rule everyone and everything at the end of the game, thus including Bowser, I think it is safe to say Bowser and King Boo's partnership is long over.
  • E. Gadd is actually seeming more erratic, scatterbrained, and downright crazy than usual, to the point where he is throwing Luigi and others into dangerous environments with little concern for their safety. Using an untested method of transport that's hinted to have seriously messed up in the past into dark mansions unarmed with hundreds of hostile ghosts, not bothering to warn his assistants to return to the bunker when shit went down. It's entirely possible if not likely that E. Gadd has simply gotten so old he's going senile to the point where most of the threats to the world, Luigi, and his assistants don't really register anymore. For example, he's not really all that worried about the army of unusually tough and pissed-off ghosts who may or may not be poised to conquer the world as much as he is worried that all the research he was doing on them may be damaged by this behavior.
    • Now combine with this the fact that he's a verifiable genius capable of creating AI, time travel, a device that captures and contains incorporeal spirits, and a giant paint brush that alters reality. What kind of hell is going to break loose next time he gets bored, assuming it isn't actually hell itself?
    • It's not completely untested, just largely untested. There was some testing of the pixelshifter before Luigi.
    • But it's still implied that some sort of accident occurred while testing the device.
  • People become ghosts when they die. King Boo has the ability to control ghosts. What, exactly, was going to happen to Luigi if he died?
  • The mansions have a lot of items left behind in them, like coats or other articles of clothing, but they're supposed to be abandoned. This suggests that perhaps they were abandoned in quite a hurry...
    • E. Gadd has said he worked in the area for a while, alongside all the Toad assistants, and the Ghosts pacified by the dark moon seem reasonable enough to have interests or organize their possessions in a clean matter, so only E. Gadd really abandoned any of the places while the Toad assistants kept working hard until King Boo portrified them.
  • What the hell happened to Evershade Valley? The mansions there are huge, yet you can see they were built AGES ago... So what happened to all the people, and why are there so many ghosts?
  • E. Gadd's remote for the containment vault includes a Boo-release button. Imagine what would happen if he hit that by accident... Luigi's Mansion 3?
    • Never mind that, why is there a Boo-release button in the first place?!
  • Early on, E. Gadd suggests that the Pixelator is untested but Luigi "should arrive with all his pixels." Later on, Luigi arrives at the level without his hat, which comes out of the camera a few seconds later. Uh, what would have happened if instead of a hat, it was part of Luigi's body?

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