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Fridge Logic examples:

Fridge Brilliance examples:

  • At the end of Tenderfoot, the villain loses a NON-Western traditional pistol duel by conceding and begging his opponent not to shoot after noticing he failed to kill him. However, such duels are often to the first blood, and the good guy ultimately reveals that he was wounded in the arm: that means if the villain had not panicked and conceded, he would have won. Stiff Upper Lip triumphs once more!
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  • The title character of the Calamity Jane story subverts all female stereotypes by acting stereotypically manlier than all men who surround her. The crime boss of the story is a corrupt slimy saloon owner who dresses in elegant and feminine clothing and is by all accounts a Sissy Villain. While this is the style of a stock villain, and it appears other times in the series, it seems very likely that it was a deliberate choice to contrast with Jane's boisterous attitude. The theme of the story becomes even more about perceived normal behaviour of the sexes.

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