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Fridge Brilliance

  • Mil Muertes being eliminated within seconds of entering Aztec Warfare II. Why? Because he's the only guy capable of going toe to toe with Matanza, and that showdown demanded its own main event later.
  • After seeing Prince Puma hold onto the championship for over 30 episodes, it seemed strange that Fenix only held onto it for a single week before Aztec Warfare II. But think of this: Matanza was clearly going to win the championship so whoever had it was going to lose it. Fenix getting it beforehand ensured that Mil didn't have to lose to Matanza yet, so Matanza could shred everybody else in Aztec Warfare II.
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  • PJ Black & Jack Evans vs. Aerostar & Drago in a tag-team nunchaku match. Nunchaku are weapons where two ends are connected (like a tag team). In addition, all the nunchaku were placed in a way that required two people to reach them.
  • Why did Mundo call his Gift of the Gods cash in match for the week after Aztec Warfare III? Because with Aztec Warfare taking up the whole episode Dario couldn't make him defend the belt.
Fridge Horror
  • Its safe to say we are better off not knowing what Marty The Moth and Mariposa did to Sexy Star during her captivity.
  • Ultima Lucha Dos ended with Dario being arrested and taken by police, with him in jail, who's going to be able to stop Matanza from going on a rampage as he was the only one who he listened to?
  • Related to the Tear Jerker point on the Tear Jerker page. With Perro Aguayo Jr. dead, Pentagon Jr. will get a major heel push this year in order to fill up the void left by Perro. Now, with Vampiro revealing himself to be Pentagon Jr.'s master, who would say that he could get said push by either a) targeting Prince Puma knowing the long history between Vampiro and Konnan or b) attempt to go back at the one guy who caused the freak accident that cost Perro's life?
  • The Season 4 trailer has Paul London covered in blood. Considering his character in the previous season, what made him snap? And, moreover, what exactly (or who exactly) is the White Rabbit and what type of agenda do they want?
    • We find out that London willingly killed Mascarita to prove that he would offer anything for the White Rabbit's guidance. Son of Havoc better not learn that his close friend was murdered by these kooky cultists....
      • London is so deranged that he offered both his partners to Matanza as sacrifices in the belief that that is what the White Rabbit requested. And we mean "belief" because "The Hunted" reveals that the White Rabbit asking where Mala Suerte and Saltador went, revealing that he never requested that at all. This really makes you wonder how messed up London is, and also implications on Mascarita's sanity if he knew the White Rabbit.
  • Pentagon Dark, a dreaded heel who goes out of his way to be exceedingly sadistic, even trying to break the arm of non-combatant ring announcer Melissa Santos, is the most over competitor on the roster, among the Believers in the Temple and worldwide. Think of the implications of those terms. Believers. Temple. Dario Cueto dedicated his Temple to the ancient tradition of violence. This is his Temple. And the fans, devoted followers of the same cause of violence, who will worship psychopaths and sadists solely for their capacity to commit violent acts? The fans really are Dario Cueto's Believers.

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