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  • Oddball explains that his crews have fitted pipes to their tanks to make their undergunned Shermans seem more menacingnote . In fact, there did exist a Sherman variant (the Firefly) which had a far more powerful gun (the British 17-pounder anti-tank gun note ) that was quite capable of knocking out a Tiger Inote  or a Panther, and was actually just as powerful as the famous 88mm Tiger cannon or the 75mm gun used by the Panthernote . The Germans did see the Firefly tanks as a serious threat, but their reaction was quite predictably to attempt to eliminate them first and leave the regular Shermans for laternote . This lead the Firefly crews to do anything they could to hide their larger gun (e.g. using white paint to make it appear shorter with illusion camouflage ) rather than try to emphasize it like what Oddball did with his Shermans. Then again, most German tanks would not want to tangle with a 17-pounder slinging Sherman, as they were thinly Panzer IV's.
  • What would happen to the German tankmen if they get caught, whether by Allies or Germans? They deserted from the German military—and deserting from the SS is bound to be treated harshly. Since they are wearing US tankmen's uniforms they traded for from Oddball's crew, they can be shot as spies if they are caught by Allies.
    • Perhaps the German tank crew can bribe their way into getting better disguises (like regular civilian clothes).
  • The assumption is that Kelly's crew deposit the stolen gold in Switzerland before either returning to their lines or hiding out for the rest of the war in Europe. The irony is that the gold would probably have ended up in a Swiss bank anyway. Why else would the Germans have stashed it in a French town so close to the Swiss border?
  • When Gen. Colt goes on about the idea that the men lack "fighting spirit", he's right. Problem is, he's completely wrong about the motivations. Odds are that a good portion of the men were draftees, and given how much combat their company had seen Big Joe's men had by now seen right through all the propaganda. Constantly being at the broken end of a bottle? Too much. Being given a chance to make their lives better? That is enough to be heroes.

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