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Fridge Brilliance

  • Jotaro’s belt carries the same design as Caesar Zeppeli's headband. William and Caesar Zeppelli died out to aid Jonathan and Joseph, but their legacy and memory lives on in the next generation.
    • Jotaro may not have known about this, but he may have been informed about it from Joseph, and so he keeps the belt by his waist throughout his life.
  • In Part I, Dio had the power to freeze blood to slow his opponents — such as Jonathan — down in combat. Why didn't he use it against Jotaro? Not his body, so he couldn't do it.
    • Joseph also states that Dio isn't used to Johnathan's body, as he has only had it for a few years and he already had a plan for the last of the Joestars in place.
    • This may also explain why he could not (or chose not to) perform his dangerous blood shoot Eye Beams. He would've been using Jonathan's blood and body for it which at best would not work or at worst, possibly damage his eyes out a potential "misfire".
  • Even if DIO disregards (most of) his vampiric powers, the World is designed after them:
    • He's capable of besting even Star Platinum in single combat (Jotaro defeats him through cleverness and attacking while he was weakened), fittingly as vampires are superior to humans.
    • His signature Time Stands Still has the huge limitation of taking a toll on the user's heart, also making it more frail in time (and he's still a Game-Breaker with that limitation). However, thanks to his vampiric nature, the toll on his heart has no effect, making him able to spam it with no consequence and without him weakening in time.
    • Last, back in part I, Dio's signature ability was to freeze his opponent. The World takes it Up to Eleven, freezing all of them at once, and time itself with them.
  • The items Star Platinum procures for Jotaro when it was still Jotaro's "evil spirit" make sense knowing that Star is acting off of Jotaro's subconscious; the books are to research his Stand, the creature comforts are because he plans to stay until he has his Stand figured out, even the RC car is to help him get used to controlling a remote entity.
  • This seemingly bizarre ability Star Platinum has, of "magically bringing things to Jotaro", is simply an unconscious/"automatic" use of time stop, during which Star Platinum can stop time and move/act during stopped time, but Jotaro can not. In other words, Star Platinum stops time, moves around and brings things (which are nearby) to Jotaro, but Jotaro does not realize what happened because he was just frozen in time, like everybody else. That's why the stuff magically appears to him seemingly out of nowhere. Jotaro does realize he has the ability of "magically bringing stuff to him" but he never figures out EXACTLY how this ability works... until he fights DIO.
    • Just moments prior to fighting DIO, Joseph tries to tell Jotaro that DIO's Stand can stop time, right before he suddenly gets his throat stabbed in front of Jotaro's eyes... then Jotaro observes that The World and Star Platinum are similar Stands... and concludes that, if The World can stop time, then Star Platinum should be able to do the same feat. This in turn leads to Jotaro's first fully conscious use of Star Platinum's time stop.
    • In Vento Aureo, we are further treated to other Stand users subconsciously using their powers without being aware of them, what with a kid Haruno subconsciously using Gold Experience to grow the grass around a wounded gangster's body taller to hide the man from his pursuers; or how Mista used Sex Pistols to deflect or parry all shots aimed at him when he was trying to prevent a girl from being raped by a group of thugs, when he had yet to meet Bruno or Passione members at all. Also, Jotaro stops using the ability to magically bring drinks or cigarettes to him in further parts. Thus supporting the idea that this ability had been nothing but a subconscious use of Time Stop all along.
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  • As someone else pointed out in the Abridged series, Jotaro's trick on D'Arby was more intimidating than he imagined. Swapping out all five cards under D'Arby's nose was impossible with Star Platinum's base abilities, sure, but if D'Arby knew that Star Platinum and The World were the exact same type of Stand...
  • Jotaro had time stop all the time inside him. He does not need to stop time, just to move his stand really fast, which his Stand can already do, and then use Star Platinum to move his own body. Just as in the Heroes shoutout to Dio.
  • Considering personality powers are in full effect for Stands, the question becomes why does DIO and Jotaro have the same power when they are different in so many ways? Well, they are coming at the same power from a different perspective; DIO sees himself above others so he is able to tap into his own world of stopped time that keeps him being above them all. Jotaro's first instinct when confronted with an "evil spirit" is to isolate himself and handle the problem himself, thus he also wants a "world of his own" in his own fashion. And the main ability of Star Platinum is speed, being fast enough to catch a bullet fired at close range; gaining the ability to stop time is a combination of Jotaro wanting to handle problems himself mixed with the impressive speed he started with.
  • Jotaro's hat decoration, which is a symbol of the Stardust Crusaders arc, is a open, raised hand. A stop sign.
  • Joseph Joestar's stand, Hermit Purple, is mostly used for reconnaissance. It's easy to think that it was always lying dormant within him, though, given how easily he could predict his opponent's next line...
    • Furthermore, there's a good reason why it doesn't have many combat capabilities: Joseph can already use The Ripple.
    • Speaking of the Ripple, the four major members of the Crusaders before they leave the continent name their Stands in a way that's consistent with Jonathan's Overdrive techniques; A noun, followed by the color of that noun. It's almost certainly intentional with Joseph, since he's the only one that still practices the Ripple.
  • DIO goes off the deep end towards the end of his fight with Jotaro, and his mania results in things like a self-inflicted head wound, the famous road roller attack (where DIO loses his cool and punches it down onto Jotaro with his bare hands), and an Ax-Crazy performance that generally conflicts with the confident, controlled DIO who opened the fight. But what did he do before all this? He drained Joseph completely dry and used him to complete his takeover of Jonathan's body... and since Joseph was already Jonathan's Identical Grandson, this resulted in DIO basically putting himself in the body of the resident Crazy Awesome JoJo after spending almost the entire Part being in command of himself. Joseph is apparently one hell of a drug.
  • When Dio and the senator drive through the crowd, Waldo can be seen as one of the people they run over. Why Waldo? Because Waldo = Warudo = World, Dio's Stand.
  • The heart symbols on Dio's outfit and Stand in Part 3 may just look like a case of Light Is Not Good (and aren't really out of place in the world of JoJo fashion), but what organ is responsible for his main food source as a vampire? Bone marrow.
  • Holly is the only Odd Name Out in the entire Joestar bloodline, as even those who don't start with J still have a jo sound (Jonathan's father and son, both named George). This is because it's with her that the family line transitions from Joestar to Kujo. Or, to put it another way, she's Holly Kujo, née Joestar.
  • Why were Midler's High Priestess teeth easy to break despite being tougher than diamonds? Aside from Star Platinum's Super Strength, diamonds are notoriously difficult to cut, but extremely easy to shatter. So, excuse this pun, Diamond is Crash/Diamond is Breakable.
  • Iggy's Stand is The Fool. What is a more commonly-used synonym for fool? Idiot.
  • Iggy's favorite food is bubblegum. Bubblegum makes a "POP" sound. Iggy Pop.
    • Also, Iggy being a dog could be a reference to the song "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by The Stooges.
  • Kakyoin uses his last Emerald Splash to give Joseph a hint about DIO's Stand's power, while Caesar uses his final Ripple to give Joseph the ring that contains the antidote to his poison. More tragic than brilliant, because Joseph now has the death of a high school student on his conscience, and the circumstances of his death were uncomfortably similar to his old comrade-at-arms. We're even treated to a shot of a grief-stricken Joseph, whose reaction is visually similar to Caesar's death in Part II. This picture sums it up well.
  • Daniel D'Arby's internal monologue where he doubts whether he has a sure win yet absolutely wants to call Jotaro's bluff seems difficult to reconcile at first. However, think back to what he said out loud earlier — when the heroes meet him, he says he enjoys the thrill of gambling, and when Jotaro catches him cheating, he says his pride as a gambler is at stake. It's not confidence in his skills that drives him to call, but the fact that the high stakes (including being killed as a traitor) makes this his most thrilling gamble ever! His personal pride won't let him fold, damn the consequences! That he folds anyway further proves the terror that is DIO.
  • In the anime, Iggy has a scene after his defeat of Pet Shop that's framed a lot like a death scene, complete with an extensive flashback and sad music. Luckily, he gets rescued by the boy he saved and a Speedwagon Foundation doctor. That makes two victims of Vanilla Ice who came close to dying and were rescued by the Speedwagon Foundation.
  • Vanilla Ice controls a Stand named Cream. Vanilla Ice Cream! This isn't too brilliant by itself, but Vanilla Ice is defeated when he comes apart under sunlight, which is the exact same thing that happens to actual ice cream, albeit over a longer period of time.
  • With a little thought, it's actually painfully obvious as to why Boingo and Hol Horse's team up failed so spectacularly; they're each used to being the No. 2 of any team that they're on, since Thoth is a purely non-offensive Stand with a great boon for those who can fight, and The Emperor almost always requires someone else to keep an enemy distracted while Hol Horse lines up the shot. It gets even worse when you realise that, when they do team up, each one thinks that the other is taking command of the situation; Hol Horse is waiting for Boingo's predictions to tell him what to do, and Boingo is expecting Hol Horse to take charge like Oingo did while he passively guides Hol Horse along with Thoth. This is basically a ridiculous case of Poor Communication Kills being Played for Laughs.
  • Some fans have raised the question of why Kakyoin never uses Hierophant Green to manipulate people after his first fight with Jotaro, even though it could've made certain encounters a lot easier. But he probably considers it to be a distasteful reminder of Dio and how Kakyoin let himself be controlled by him, especially considering the visual similarities between Hierophant's tentacles and Dio implanting his flesh buds.
    • The only exception was Mannish Boy: he reuses his body manipulation technique against him because Kakyoin was the only person who knew that Mannish Boy was a Stand user, and the alternative would've been essentially hitting a child. It's understandable why he decided that this one time was an exception.
  • Back in Phantom Blood, when Jonathan fought Dio in his castle, at one point Jonathan said this: "If I die, my ghost is going to haunt you!". At first, it appears to be Jonathan's determination to defeat Dio, refusing to give up even in death, but this line may be more significant than you'd think. Now, The World? That one's simply the manifestation of Dio's dominant personality, as a Stand's main characteristic is to mirror its user's mentality. But what about Jonathan? That's where the line above comes into play. And to understand why, one must look no further than Star Platinum. Jotaro described his Stand as something akin to an "evil spirit", in other words: a ghost. Jotaro gained Star Platinum because the stand arrow that gave Dio his The World simultaneously pierced Jonathan's body, which began the Joestar bloodline's Stand acquisition. Star Platinum even shares many visual similarities to Jonathan, most notably his shoulder pads, his fingerless gloves, his boots and his long hair. And this Stand's user is none other than the man who ended Dio once and for all, with one final punch from his Star Platinum, the ghost that just made good on his promise to haunt Dio if he died...
    • Aiding this case, the similarities between the first and third openings from the anime. In the first one, the penultimate sequence is that of Dio and Jonathan confronting each other before the camera goes upwards, giving a parting shot of the two that leaves to a revolving staircase. In the third one, the penultimate sequence is a rising shot of the Tarot cards spinning akin to a snail stair before showing Jotaro and DIO confronting each other. To add, in both sequences, Jonathan and Star Platinum are surrounded by a flame-like aura, with both punches marking the end of the shot.
  • While riding in the car with Oingo!Jotaro, Polnareff makes fun of Joseph for clasping his hands with the left over the right, claiming that an old fortune teller said doing so meant he was a woman in a past life. Now remember that Joseph cross-dressed to get into a Nazi base in Part 2, so Polnareff wasn't that off.
  • Dio's situation in being in the ocean for hundreds of years can be best summed up as: He's been down too long in the midnight sea...
    • Also, take a look at The World. With his golden color and the deep sea equipment on his back, he is the HOLY DIVER.
  • Star Platinum and the World having the same Stand Type makes a bit of sense if you take things in retrospect. Jotaro claiming to have an Evil Spirit soon after Dio got unsealed was possibly setting up a Bait-and-Switch in which we're supposed to believe Jotaro's evil spirit has something to do with Dio in some way, shape, or form. Turns out that, even though it's revealed to be a Stand, Dio did have something to do with it in some way (he created the Stands for the Joestar bloodline via the arrow), shape (sharing the same type), and form (eventually gaining the same powers).
  • In its battle with the Crusaders, N'Doul's Stand always goes for their eyes first. N'Doul is blind, so by blinding his opponents, he gets rid of the one advantage they have over him.
  • Although most people would probably consider Thoth's prediction for Jotaro's death to be Harsher in Hindsight since it came true in Stone Ocean, it's entirely possible that what it was meant to predict was part 4, or better yet, both part 4 and part 6, since both parts feature Jotaro dying in some way — part 4 features him dying from a bomb, and part 6 features him dying by his face getting split in two — after all, Boingo never said that Thoth's predictions can only happen once. The only reason most people don't feel the same way about his death in part 4 is because unlike in Stone Ocean, he doesn't stay dead in Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • Both D'Arby brothers enjoy competitions, but have different attitudes towards cheating. The elder Daniel firmly believes that cheating (without getting caught) is an integral part of gambling, and respects those who can cheat him right back. Meanwhile, the younger Terence considers himself above cheating like commoners (even though he has no problem using his Telepathy to predict his opponent's moves), and openly calls them inferior. Jotaro defeats Daniel legitimatelynote , while respecting his determination and skill in cheating; and he defeats Terence by cheating, brutally telling him that he is inferior to his brother — a cheater.
    • Ironically, he used Daniel's tactics to defeat Terence. With Daniel, Jotaro knew he was still cheating, but didn't know that the dealer Avdol picked for them was apart of the act. Thus Jotaro had to resort to bluffs and intimidation to win. Terence, during his game with Jotaro, used his Stand to find out Jotaro was cheating, but didn't know that Joseph was apart of the act. Instead of reassessing the situation, and possibly think about finding a way omari he gets flustered and stops trying.
  • At key points, DIO has shown to have Spirit Photography like Hermit Purple. But isn't The World's power Time Stands Still? But that's also Star Platinum's power. It's possible that The World's true power is copying the powers of the other Joestar Stands, which suits his character well. Education and upbringing from George I, the Stone Mask and a powerful new body from Jonathan, and a power-boost from Joseph's blood... Everything that's made Dio great came from the Joestars!
    • It also helps with the idea that The World's power could actually be integration of the Joestar's abilities. Not to mention all of the Tarot Motifs Stand Users explained what their card suggested. The World suggests the completion of a journey and integration of all you have learned. It fits DIO character wise, as well as if The World's true power is integration of all the Joestar's Stands.
    • There is another potential meaning behind The World card that can fit DIO; when reversed The World means stagnation. It means that you have the ability to reach your potential, but for some reason are incapable of reaching it. Perhaps you even refuse to. DIO is essentially repeating the same mistakes of before. In Phantom Blood, Dio, having gained new power, ultimately waits in his fortress healing himself while sending minions to deal with Jonathan and his allies and upon finally facing him he loses. The same thing repeats in Stardust Crusaders, with DIO allowing his minions to deal with the approaching Crusaders while he adapts to Jonathan's body, except by having not learned from before DIO ultimately dies. Stagnation also fits with the idea of time stop; he refuses to let things change, progress.
  • One can't help but wonder why, when Vanilla Ice appeared in the doorway leading outside in the anime, disappointed that Polnareff and Iggy went upstairs instead, didn't immediately disintegrate due to a vampire's weakness in sunlight. But consider the fact that his Stand, Cream, has the ability to turn everything it comes into contact with into nothing. Stone, flesh, air...and even sunlight. Being inside of Cream allows for Vanilla Ice to be a Daywalking Vampire! Of course, being outside of it ends up having the effects it does after Polnareff gets through with him.
  • In retrospect (as Josuke was added later) Joseph being more grumpy here makes sense when you look at the timing and realize it wasn't that long before that he cheated on Suzie with Tomoko. He likely is just jumpy and grumpy and mad at himself over it all. It was his fault in the end. Not Tomoko's or Suzie's, but his own issues. And having walked away from the affair (before finding out a son was the result) he is well aware and not in the best mind because of it.
  • The Zombies in Justice Arc seem odd. They could barely speak, and Enya couldn't seem to control them to act convincingly alive to save her life (almost literally). Why can't she seem to control them like that? Well, there's two possible reasons why. One is that the zombies she raises from corpses may depend on how fresh they are. There's a good possibility that a majority of them have their vocal chords rotted away, hence why they barely speak or do more than grunting. Another is that she does control loads of corpses at once, it's not plausible that she can perfectly control them all at the same time given the hordes she makes, unless she coordinates them all at once like she does in her fight.
  • So, why can Dio and Jotaro fly, when flying has nothing to do with time powers? Because they were both having fun, and so was Araki.
    • Plus, they weren't flying for very long. It was more like jumping with some amount of air control.
  • After arriving in India and discovering his sister's murderer is around, Polnareff rushes off to find them, and the others call him a fool for running off by himself. He wants to move fast to find the killer and thinks the others are slowing him down. Of course he would take off by himself: his tarot Stand is the Chariot, known for its speed. A similar minded Stand for a similar minded Stand user.
  • When J. Geil is killed, his method of death is being impaled headfirst by a fence, leaving his body hanging upside down with one leg in the air. This suggests the position of The Hanged Man, which was the card he represented!
  • Wonder how Jotaro managed to unlock Star Platinum’s own Time Stop ability in such a short time? Because he was going through a more extreme version of Dio's own training - Dio was trapped underwater for centuries, while Jotaro was trapped under a roadroller for seconds.
    • Having to deal with Dio's knives, not only Star Platinum's speed had to increase, but Jotaro's own perception had to be pushed to make split decisions in fractions of seconds.
    • Finally, him playing dead by stopping his own heart after Polnareff fails to kill Dio has him go through the life-or-death situation that enhances the Stand to push harder, thus unlocking his Time Stop ability.
  • Avdol's Stand is bird-shaped and wields the power of fire, which is similar to a Phoenix, a bird of fire. This bird is also associated with death and rebirth, which ties into Avdol's faking his death (though it could not really bring him back unfortunately).
    • Avdol's history also involves him caring for birds.
  • So why exactly does being in Paused Time take a toll on the user's heart? There is a neurological condition called Tachypsychia, which supercharges bodies to move faster than usual in times of danger. When bodies move faster than normal, it strains the heart!
  • Why were Hol Horse and Nena dating each other? It's only natural for there to be a relationship between the Emperor and the Empress.
  • When Joseph returns to life, after pretending to be DIO as a joke, Jotaro asks him Something Only They Would Say; who sang the parody of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, named "Eat It"? Not only is it a hilarious question considering the context, but it makes perfect sense as a security question. DIO has been stuck at the bottom of the ocean for a hundred years, so he wouldn't have any chance to absorb it through Pop-Cultural Osmosis, and he's way too arrogant to actually bother learning such trivial information. He would never pay attention to human artists, so he wouldn't know it was "Weird Al" Yankovic who sang that parody.
  • In the battle against Sun, Joseph freaks out when Polareff starts laughing despite being the least serious one. Why? If he's the silliest one then he should be laughing first, not last!
  • Jotaro being able to move in frozen time immediately once he encounters The World head-on, and stopping time himself just minutes later, makes more sense when you consider the circumstances of how DIO discovered the World's ability. DIO's internal monologue revealed he discovered it when experimentally testing The World's top speed outside of combat, when he had the chance to pay attention to the little details of briefly-frozen time. Jotaro had neither the inclination nor opportunity to properly test Star Platinum's theoretical limits outside of combat, instead just reaching top speed during attack rushes. If the anime's use of some time-stop SFX in the battle with N'Doul can be taken as canon and considered alongside Kira's comment on Star Platinum's speed, Jotaro unconsciously stopped time for extremely brief moments in combat without noticing. Once he realized he'd been freezing time, it was just a matter of minutes before he figured out how to consciously do it.
  • Jotaro's time stop ability is actually foreshadowed more than people think. For example, when Avdol is naming Star Platinum, Jotaro first draws The World from the tarot deck! Avdol has to make him choose The Star card instead because it was already taken by DIO. Fate has always been a big part of Jojo; Jotaro was fated to pull The World because it's basically the same Stand.
    • In the original, Jotaro actually draws "The Star" card and only that. At no point does he draw "The World" from the deck.
    • In the anime, there is a distinct, colorful warping effect during the standoff between Star Platinum and Geb. The effect is very similar to The World's time stop several episodes later, foreshadowing that maybe Star Platinum tapped into its time stop without knowing to strike N'Doul first.
    • And Star Platinum's seemingly weird ability to bring stuff to Jotaro, first seen in the first episode when he's in jail, and later used again in the poker match against Daniel D'Arby, was really just a subconscious use of Time Stop, as explained above. Meaning Jotaro was just unknowingly stopping time all along, and using SP to steal things from others nearby and bring those items to himself, without anyone noticing, because everyone (including Jotaro himself) was just frozen in time.
    • And with this in mind, we can see how Jotaro's strategy of bringing cigarettes and drinks (which again, is nothing but Jotaro using Time Stops at a subconscious level, when even he doesn't realize what he has really been doing) when playing poker against the elder D'Arby was so terrifingly effective. Since D'Arby knew what DIO's Stand ability really was — which was stopping time and acting and changing things while time was stopped — it's not farfetched to think that D'Arby actually figured that Jotaro's Star Platinum had the same ability, and logically he started thinking that Jotaro actively used it to cheat and change his worthless hand into a winning one. While Jotaro admitted that Star Platinum could not move fast enough to switch five cards in front of D'Arby's watching eyes, this did NOT consider "time stopping and switching the cards during stopped time" as a possibility. But seen from D'Arby's perspective, this once again foreshadows that Jotaro and DIO do have, in fact, the same Stand ability... stopping time.
  • The idea that Star Platinum is capable of stopping time alone makes the mystery of DIO's stand an extremely dangerous thing to wager for D'Arby. Consider:
    • D'Arby knows that DIO can stop time, meaning that if Jotaro can stop time, he would be in a prime position not only to look out for it and train for it, but to start developing countermeasures with the others. This would be a much bigger blow to DIO's plans than just knowing where his mansion was.
    • D'Arby had reason to believe that Star Platinum was stopping time, meaning it could have changed out the cards based on Jotaro's unconscious desires. He might even know that Star Platinum does things like this through DIO's intelligence network, based on all the stuff Star stole for Jotaro while he was in jail. Thus, even with his gambler's instinct certain that Jotaro was bluffing, there was still a risk that the cards had been switched. Not only that, but if that were the case, he would have allowed Jotaro to discover his ability in the first place long before he needed to use it, handily averting How Do I Shot Web?.
  • As seen here: Jotaro's epic bluff's success had nothing to do with his own skill at Poker, which is nonexistent. Instead, he decided to challenge D'Arby on the spot; then, the combination of his accidentally intimidating poker face and D'Arby realizing that his Stand was pulling timestop shennanigans lead D'Arby's calm to break, which Jotaro immediately noticed, leading him to double down.

Fridge Horror

  • Part 4 reveals that Dio implanted his spores into all of his followers, to activate in case they ever turned against him, with the possible exception of Vanilla Ice, and the death of Dio causes the Nijimura's father, a servant of his, to undergo horrific Body Horror when the spore activated. This makes you wonder what happened to the guys that Jotaro and company fought.
    • The fact that the spores were in all of his followers in order to kill them if they ever betray him, makes D'Arby's fears and N'Doul's refusal to disclose Dio's Stand all the more understandable.
    • Mitigated by the fact that Pucci was also a minion of Dio and was fine after he died. It's also specifically stated that Grey Fly doesn't have a fleshbud, since he was Only in It for the Money.
    • Pucci probably wasn't budded since Dio had more trust in him than his other minions and needed to keep him in good shape in the event that he (Dio) was killed so he could carry out his backup plan. However, this is further supported by the fact that Johngalli A was one of Dio's minions and was fine following Dio's death. Jotaro also states that Johngalli A might have never met Dio, which might be true of some of the henchmen in Part 3note . The buds were most likely only given to Kakyoin and Polnareff since Dio couldn't easily sway them, Enya since she had the most knowledge of Dio's Stand, and Okuyasu's father as Dio probably saw no malicious intent in him and had to force loyalty on to him. The other henchmen were easily swayed over by money, fear, or admiration towards Dio.
  • Speaking of D'Arby, the fact that all of the souls he'd collected were released upon his defeat seems good at first... except when Polnareff's soul was stolen, Avdol pointed out his body had no pulse — to anyone but a Stand user, his victims would look completely dead. And D'Arby had some of those poker chips for years, meaning their bodies could have been buried or even cremated. (At least you could say they were finally free to enter the afterlife?)
    • The Anime seems to acknowledge this, as Avdol's specific phrasing says they're free to move on; he's most likely aware that their bodies have rotted away, so the only place they can go is the next life.
  • Kakyoin never told his parents that he went to Egypt to save Holly. And given that the whole trip took two months and he dies fighting against DIO, imagine having your son go to a new school one day and never return.
  • As we find out later, Jotaro can see and even move while time is frozen. Which means that he saw Dio kill his grandpa and couldn't do a thing about it.
  • Mannish Boy, the user of the Stand Death 13, is never shown again after Kakyoin feeds him his own stool, but it's likely he's still alive. His Stand is one of the deadliest Stands out there, and since he is an infant... how powerful could Death 13 be when he grows up to be an adult?
    • Even worse, Kakyoin's the only person to know that he has a Stand, and anyone who gets trapped in the dream his Stand puts them in won't remember anything once they wake up. With Kakyoin dead, could it be that Mannish Boy has never been tracked down, or never will be?
    • Dio almost certainly implanted flesh buds into all his minions, even trustworthy ones like Enya or ones who didn't end up fighting like Okuyasu's dad. Since the flesh buds went berserk after Dio's death and turned the hosts into blob monsters (like Okuyasu's dad), Mannish Boy is unlikely to be a threat anymore.
      • As stated above, it seems that the flesh buds were only put in certain minions who weren't malicious enough for Dio to sway with money, fear, or power, like Kakyoin or Polnareff, or had information that was too vital to risk falling into his enemies' hands like Enya. If we assume that Mannish Boy didn't need to be controlled...
  • Think of the sheer amount of physical and mental trauma Jotaro and Kakyoin go through on this trip and remember that neither of them are even 18 years old yet.
  • When trying to kill the Crusaders again, Hol Horse kidnaps Boingo to use his book of predictions, ties him up, tapes his mouth shut and stuffs him in a suitcase which he brings on board a plane to Cairo. With the lack of air in there, Boingo could very easily have suffocated or simply choked to death on his own vomit, and Hol Horse wouldn't have known until he opened the suitcase in Cairo and found him dead in there.
  • Based on Part 4 revealing that all of DIO's followers have flesh buds implanted in them, it can be assumed that a lot of the enemies that the Crusaders encounter are acting against their conscious will, especially when considering cases like Kakyoin or Polnareff. Makes you wonder, how many people did the five of them kill that weren't acting of their own volition without even bothering to check for flesh buds? And for that matter, did J. Geil rape and murder all those woman of his own free will?
  • Kakyoin's death is even worse than it seems. Thanks to the water from the tower he landed on, the bleeding from his already gaping wound was not only worsened, but also must've hurt like hell. DIO also punched though his spine, leaving him completely paralyzed. In addition, after figuring out the secret of The World's power, he gambled everything on one final emerald splash to get the message across to Joseph. But he never finds out if they beat DIO or even understood his message, only spending his final moments hoping that they will.

Fridge Logic

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  • Why did Stroheim get revived as a cyborg after blowing himself up with a grenade while the deceased companions of Stardust Crusaders stay dead? (Although justified for Avdol, as his whole body has been disintegrated by Vanilla Ice.) The Speedwagon Foundation has given Joseph a new prosthetic arm and Kakyoin enough medication for him to get his eyesight back. But do not have the technology to revive him despite Part 3 taking place 50 years after part 2?
    • FOOL!! German science is ze finest in ze world!...but in all seriousness, Joseph's prosthetic was of Nazi origin, as implied in the end of Part II as Joseph jokes that he should ask Stroheim to fit it with some new gadgets. The Speedwagon Foundation may have cooperated with Stroheim's unit, but they never found out all of the secrets Nazi Germany had. Kakyoin's eyes were slashed, yes, but he was able to get the medical treatment to get his sight back at the very least. Joseph lucked out with his revival due to the mix of Dio's blood and his own. Kakyoin, on the other hand, had a hole punched through his stomach and died rather quickly.
      • Plus, wasn't Avdol just a pair of hands when he died?


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