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Fridge / JLA: Earth-2

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Fridge Horror

  • In the scene where the League visits the UK (who, in the Antimatter world, tried to break away from the Amerikans, thus establishing the two nations as enemies), there appears to be a statue of non other than Adolf Hitler in the background. This suggests that, in this world, Hitler may have been a hero who tried to save the Jews rather than exterminate them. And no clearly Jewish characters are present, implying they could have been exterminated.
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  • So The Good Guys Always Win is actually a law of the universe in the main DCU. Let's hope no reality-altering villain finds that out and inverts it.

Fridge Brilliance

  • While the idea that even the narrative rule that The Good Guys Always Win is inverted is a clever concept, it's odd how the heroes' efforts were undone so quickly and that they uncharacteristically gave up too fast. In the main universe, while good always wins in the end, it can take multiple issues of the bad guys winning before their defeat. But then, it hits: JLA: Earth-2 is a self-contained story that isn't part of some greater story arc, so "the finale", when evil must win, comes much quicker than it would if it was a story arc.
  • Why did Commissioner Wayne finally succeed in the events of this book? Evil must win in this reality and turning Gotham into a Police State is an act of villainy. As to why he hasn't succeeded before despite this evil goal? When it's Evil Versus Evil, The Powers That Be of the Antimatter Universe must favor the Crime Syndicate, as shown by the fact that the Crime Syndicate has all the countries, all evil, quaking in their boots. When Wayne was fighting Owlman, the latter was the one ordained as the winner. In the time that he was out of the picture though, Commissioner Wayne became the victor by default.
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  • The League was able to get to Antimatter!Brainiac because they did something "evil": walking away from a rioting crowd. But it was for a "good" reason: stopping the destruction of two universes. May seem a bit confusing, but remember how many villains had schemes with a "good" motivation yet still failed.