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  • Fridge Horror: Chandru alludes to having to pay your way into a medical school. The ward attendants insinuate that the chief doctor there is demanding bribes to offset the cost of his medical education. However, medical school fees in India are structured such that it is not beyond the reach for a middle income family. So why did that doctor need to make up so much money? One explanation is that he is a greedy sleazebag who is just using the actually low cost of his education to justify lining his pockets. But the other explanation is truly horrifying - what if he actually was academically unfit to become a doctor, but attained that position through bribery? Bribing professors to give him passing grades, bribing the medical board to certify him. His killing Kasturi through depraved indifference and negligence is bad enough, but how many mor deaths or suffering did he cause by ineptitude and malpractice?

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