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Fridge Logic

  • Maybe baseball chalklines weren't the best place to hide a suitcase-worth of crystal meth, considering people have to slide on them, face-first, quite frequently. And then have to take drug tests.
    • Raph put it in large amounts of chalk, so it would be diluted too little to have any real effect. Or else the guy chalking it would be moving a lot faster.
    • Is it really Fridge Logic when you're saying that can't be good before the credits even begin to roll?
  • So, do members of the Witness Protection Program make up the entire population of Albuquerque with the exception of main characters?
    • That explains a lot about Albuquerque to this troper.
    • Albuquerque itself has a half million residents. The larger metropolitan area has over 800,000. We meet somewhere between 15 and 30 witnesses per season and on average somewhere around half of them wind up out of the program or relocated to a different city by episode's end. Doesn't seem like a statistically high percentage of the population to me.

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