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Fridge / Illbleed

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why are the zombies in the morgue impossible to kill? Because unlike every other monster in the park, they're actual monsters, not animatronics.
  • Why does the true ending require you to abandon your friends on a second playthrough? Because you actually aren't doing that; you're just simulating the idea that Eriko went back to Illbleed by herself as presented in the first ending. Not rescuing them during the second run means that Eriko is well and truly alone.
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  • Why is Eriko still susceptible to dying of shock even though she has no sense of fear? Because being startled is an involuntary and instinctive response. She isn't afraid of the stuff that pops out at her, but it can still catch her off guard. And if her heart rate is already too high thanks to said response, well, being fearless doesn't stop heart attacks.

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