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Fridge / Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

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  • Fridge Logic: Kei has a little sister, so why would Kei need to be the one to give their mom grandchildren? Unless...
    • Even if Kei's sister is a boy, it shouldn't matter. Boys can impregnate girls, y'know.
    • Or worse. "Mom" is impatient and wants grandkids ASAP, regardless of the means with Kei's younger sister, still being too young, biologically. What's worse is that Kei's younger sibling completely agrees with "mom's" methods!
    • It's still worse than that. Kei's mother wants Kei to be a Gold Digger. She wants Kei married to a rich man right away. Grandkids are just a fringe benefit. Kei's younger sibling can't get married.
  • Fridge Horror: What if Kei really is a lesbian? Then this is pretty much a story about straight camp.
    • Also, what if her little sister grows up to be gay or bi? Or even transgendered?
    • Kind of a meta example: Kei's mom made her daughter's life a living hell. And it's implied the mangaka sympathizes with her, and approves of her behaviour. What does this say about the mangaka?
      • That she should never have children. And if she does, they should run for their lives.

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