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  • Consider the crowning of Peregrine Mendicant as Queen of Exile Town. It may seem like a simple Awesome Moment of Crowning, but if you recall in the past that PM? managed to infiltrate the throne room of Derse and survived to become the Mendicant, and keep the Chess Motifs in mind, it becomes a lot clearer why she deserves the crown.
    • For those not familiar with Chess, there's a rule where if a pawn makes it to the opposite side of the board, they are promoted to a more powerful piece (almost always chosen to be a queen).
    • This fancomic spells out just how well PM's adventures fit the 'chess pawn' theme.
      • It also makes sense, because the Medicant is a pawn at the time, which means that she can't do anything to those that are behind her, so the droll when pickpocketing her will succeed no matter what because that's how chess is played.
      • Pawns can only move forward until someone before them comes into a space diagonal to them.
  • WV presses the tab key. It unlocks a secret trove of Tab soda. Hilarity Ensues. Then he presses the Caps Lock key, and... unlocks a book on etiquette? WHAT ON EARTH DOES A CAPS LOCK KEY HAVE TO DO WITH ETIQ—
    • Ooooooooooooooh!
    • And when he activates it again the capsule locks.
    • The joke is actually a bit simpler than that. WV has been typing in ALL CAPS before hitting the Caps Lock key, so he almost gets a double dose of etiquette.
  • A Tearjerker sort of Fridge Brilliance is this page. Learn WV's origins and come back. Yeah. Pretty much everything he does is much Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Two of the exiles, AR and WV, give WQ (the former White Queen) a makeshift crown. She turns it down and instead gives it to PM. I never really understood why until recently, however. PM went all the way to Derse (the city of the Dark kingdom), into the throne room itself, and survived to complete her task. The entire conflict between the Light and Dark kingdoms has been described with Chess Motifs, so of course, by completing her assigned duty, PM was promoted into a queen. Awesome Moment of Crowning indeed. - Sweet Madness
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  • In the ending of the Act 5 Flash, PM puts on the ring and is as strong as Bec Noir. She then teleports into the Troll's universe to fight and, hopefully, kill Bec Noir. What's brilliant? It's a postal worker fighting a dog.
  • Way back in the beginning, AR's hatred of illegal pictography and illicit amphibian idolatry seem to be just because of his personality - but he's a Dersite, so of course he hates any mention of frogs!
  • Of course it's PM that get's the White Queen's Ring - she was promoted to Queen.
    • Because she was a PAWN to Jack!
  • When WV tries opening a can with his teeth in the base, it is shown that his teeth are made for chewing things like plants. He eats a pumpkin, a plant, some... Uranium? Green Chalk? Why would he do that? Simple: Both are green, just like plants! That is also why he eats the pages of the book-paper is made out of plant matter.
  • PM and Bec Noir are dogfighting.
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  • When the Wayward Vagabond drew the planets of his session on the wall of the capsule, he was literally Painting The Medium!
  • How did PM override Bec's loyalty in [S]: Collide? She didn't. Instead, she found a way to use it as an advantage: Bec's objective is to keep Jade safe. In knocking Jade out (itself fridge brilliance, as she could easily have just killed her but didn't because her Bec self wouldn't allow it) and attacking someone she knows is a threat, she was trying to protect her, or at least could rationalize it that way.

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