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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the Hand of Thrawn duology, Luke leaves the tenuous political situation to the politicians and heads off after Mara. This seemed like an unusual course of action for a hero like Luke - until I realized it was exactly what he'd told Threepio he'd do, ten years previously during The Thrawn Trilogy. -Jamaican Castle
    • The second book in the Hand of Thrawn duology, Vision of the Future, has this cover, which has a Kubrick Stare some people attribute to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the character who's the most central to the plot, even though he's dead. Problem is, Thrawn has Monochromatic Eyes. It's never been clarified who is glaring there. But in a way they are Thrawn's eyes — of the Big Bad Triumvirate, only Grodin Tierce has that sort of hatred for The Rebellion, and he's a clone who was made with part of Thrawn's mind.


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