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Fridge Brilliance

  • At the beginning when the dancers died from the wire, everything went quiet. Not just the shocked dancers, but the background as well. The music and the singing completely stopped. No screaming. None of the crew went to help. Until we saw the reveal that most of the crew, including Francesca, was part of the murder. So of course they wouldn't be affected by seeing such a horrific sight.
Fridge Horror
  • Katie's body is found hanged in her quarters. If her killers had time to drag her back to her quarters and string her up, what else did they have time to do? Why else would they go to the trouble of taking her all the way back to her room if they were openly slitting everyone else's throats in the middle of the hallway? Chances are, being hanged was just the end of what they did to her...
  • It's implied that the Graza is merely the latest ship Ferriman used in his plot to corrupt and salvage souls. If that's true, imagine how many other souls on other ships he damned to Hell.
Fridge Logic
  • Ferriman's scheme is to tempt people to commit grave, even deadly, sins in order to be able to deliver a boatload of souls to hell. But most of the souls on the ship are innocent victims, and, if the ship is lost before delivery, the whole batch will be be free to escape to heaven, sinners and innocents alike. It seems that the survival of the ship is more important in determining where you end up than whether you had been sinful or not.
    • Presumably, that's the whole point of his mission: if the people whose souls he's collecting were bad to begin with, they'd have wound up in Hell anyway. His job is to cheat the system, whether by trapping souls outright or by suckering people into damning themselves.
      • That is exactly what the point of the ship is, it seems to be a floating Soul Trap, as long as the ship is in at least "servicable" condition, your soul stays there, dragged to Hell, the Trap part of the plan isn't about damning people while they are alive, otherwise they would already be hellbound and the ship would be pointless, the Gold is just to make a few go murderous, and kill the rest. Mind you, Ferriman was a massive idiot anyway, if he had just let the salvage crew do their job and kept the "Marked" in check, the ship would have been fixed and he could continue to use it, then kill them, he literally lost the ship and it's "cargo" of several hundred souls, because he couldn't stop himself and the ghosts from adding to the cargo a measely 6 extra souls.

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