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Fridge / Ghost (1990)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • At first, the police not taking Molly's word about checking on Willy Lopez seems like a case of Police Are Useless. However, one realizes that the police mention "there is no Willy Lopez", possibly insinuating that they have no police records on Willy. Of course they wouldn't! Karl was looking for a hit man (to kill Sam) who was under the radar, so they wouldn't trace Willy back to him.
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  • When Carl confronts Willy at his place, namely demanding to know why he chose to kill Sam instead of just stealing his wallet, Willy gets up in his face, claiming that he did him a favour, that it was a freebie. Now why would Carl, who was Sam's best friend secretly want him dead? It's very likely that Willy knew of Carl's attraction towards Molly, and did him the "favour" of killing off the competition.
  • According to trivia, the sound effects used for the hell shadows are the sound of a baby's cry slowed down and played in reverse. It's very fitting, making it that the shadows' unearthly moans represent death, a flip-side of baby cries that represent birth.

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