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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Thermians in human form walk weirdly, with their arms thrust out and down. Seeing their true form makes you realize there's more limbs (tentacles), and they all extend downward naturally.
  • The Omega-13 is on the ship, but nobody knows what it does, because the show was canceled too early. The Thermians themselves aren't certain, building it exactly as they could without any certainty as to its purpose, only that it could be used by Sarris for great evil. Sarris doesn't know, but wants it because the Thermians are willing to die to keep it from him. Cast and crew don't know. How is it, then, that it works exactly as a fan describes in his own conjecture? Nesmith initially believes the Thermians are doing an exceptionally well-done fanvid. He's impressed, but not surprised — he's seen it before, if not done this well. The Thermians can't tell reality from fiction even on obvious sets, like Gilligan's Island. The fan who described the Omega-13's function wasn't right because he had better insight into the show, since the Thermians took everything at face value. He was right because the Thermians watched fanvids, believed them a continuation of the original "historical document" due to fans' attention to detail, and followed the designs of the fans. Or else they thought along the same lines as the human fans: the Omega Thirteen is either a bomb that destroys the entire universe in thirteen seconds or a thirteen-second time jump to the past. And since the universe isn't destroyed, it must be the second option.
    • An alternative to the fanvids was that they got the Galaxy Quest equivalents of one of the Technical Manuals of Star Trek, be they Fandom made or official.
  • What did the Thermians think of shows that had canned laughter, or even a live studio audience? They must think it's the documentary makers laughing. Wow. The people filming Gilligan and co. are bastards.
    • We know they're bastards, because they didn't take everybody (except Gilligan) home when they left the island.
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  • In the scene where the actors are taking the shuttle down to the alien planet, Fred can be seen eating one of those Kraft cheese and breadstick snack packs. Granted, the Thermians can synthesize human food, but this seems like a rather esoteric choice. But a deleted scene in the movie reveals that Fred is high on marijuana the entire time. So, he probably carries snacks around with him all the time in case he gets the munchies when out and about.
  • The Thermians modeled their entire civilization around the television show "Galaxy Quest," including their hero-worship. However, since the crew of the NSEA Protector are humans, the Thermians do not seem to believe that their own species is capable of great acts of courage or heroism, which is why they enlist Nesmith to overlook their negotiations. By the end, however, not only does Mathesar have Nesmith’s recognition as a great commander, but with new "historical documents" coming out (the show has been revived), the Thermians are finally able to watch and mimic the brave exploits of one of their own - Laliari.
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  • The intro to the rebooted Galaxy Quest show is much less action-y than the original, showing the crew doing day-to-day activities on the ship and almost coming across as a Reconstruction. The cast is taking their roles much more seriously because if the Thermians read them as "historical documents," some other species might do the same (and of course, the Thermians are still watching somewhere out there, too).
  • It's mentioned several times how useless Gwen's character's purpose on the show - to talk to/repeat the computer - is. However, having the computer programmed to recognize and respond to only one voice on the ship would ensure that no accidental commands are followed, especially when things got chaotic on the bridge (i.e. during the flight through the minefield or the final battle between the Protector and Sarris).
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  • From one of the deleted scenes: Thermian engineers ask Sgt. Chen/Fred Kwan for assistance in explaining some unusual readings on their instruments. Rather than actually do anything, Fred simply asks some questions of the Thermians, who, in turn, identify the problem and solution for themselves. Fred Kwan actually taught the aliens critical thinking skills!
  • Alexander delivering his catchphrase with utmost sincerity runs deeper than avenging a fan. He's witnessed elements of a dated sci-fi show existing in the real world, even down to contrived elements such as beryllium spheres being mined and manufactured almost purely for their convenience. To Alexander, the idea that there's a Thor expy named Grabthar or a multi-sun planet named Worvan existing out there in the universe wouldn't be out of the question.
    • More simply, he's finally realizing and embracing the fact that Dr. Lazarus isn't just a silly Rubber-Forehead Alien on a stupid sci-fi show; he's a beloved character in a story that's important to and betters the lives of the people who love it. Dr. Lazarus is no less important or culturally relevant than Hamlet or MacBeth, and is just as worthy of his acting talents.
  • The Thermians are convinced that the crew of the Protector are used to dealing with aliens, so why bother disguising as humans? They're cosplayers!
  • Why did the Thermians have a flying limousine to transport Jason Nesmith to the Protector? It was probably just a Thermian ship with an appearance generator - the same tech the Thermians use to disguise themselves!
    • Or, more simply, their prime hero asked them to transport him in a limousine and they did as asked.
  • The actors keep using "safe" swear words (heck/darn/shoot, etc.) during their adventure even though they're not on the TV show. Seems they're so ingrained using them, they don't swear in the real lives, either.
  • After the cast lands in the star port, they are greeted by three Thermians in their natural form, waving bizarre instruments around them. What are they doing there? They're medics! They're just checking on the actors to make sure that they are healthy after their trip. Why are they in their natural form? More limbs to work with, of course!
  • Alexander is never seen without his head prosthetic on. He just can't escape his role.
  • Activating the Omega-13, which might be a bomb capable of destroying the universe, just to try and save his friends from being killed seems like a massively selfish move on the part of Nesmith. Except, he's also trying to save all of Earth. The Protector II made it from the outer system to Earth in a matter of minutes, meaning it's transiting at a substantial percentage of the speed of light. The mass of even a tiny ship impacting the Earth at 10 percent lightspeed would be an extinction level event.
  • Mathesar going from hearing the brutal truth "We lied", to believing that the heroes used deception themselves (if for a good cause), is believable for two reasons. 1) It's quite often for someone with a long-held belief to have difficulty being able to change it so suddenly, and will tend to rationalize things to themselves in the process. And 2) Jason's anguished apology wasn't taken by Mathesur as "I'm so sorry we're not who you thought we were" (as Jason most definitely intended it as), but rather "Mathesur, I feel terrible that I'm lying to you right now". As in, the words Jason's saying right then are the deception, rather than say, everything prior to that point; he likely thought that the Commander was secretly hinting that it's a deception, as part of a ploy to save them, which he used as his rationalization.

Fridge Horror

  • We sure hope no one was in the parking lot or the part of the building the ship crashed into at the end.
    • There were; you can see several people at the convention running for their lives as the ship crashed in to the stage. Let's just hope they're all okay!
  • The Thermians probably thought the Gilligan's Island episodes were Apocalyptic Logs, since you'd think they'd have been rescued by the camera crew had they really been lost.
    • Unless they were also lost.
    • As documentaries are made after the fact, they likely assumed that the filmmakers had chosen to omit the slow death of the castaways due to malnutrition and/or advanced age, as being too upsetting for the viewers. Since the laugh track gets no reactions within the show, they probably theorized it was some odd natural sound that happened somewhat randomly. Because, after all, who would laugh at the castaways?
    • Apparently, the Thermians never saw the two TV movies that had them rescued and choosing to move back to the island and open a resort.
  • Mathesar is horrified to find out that his heroes have lied to him and the Thermians about the show's true nature, but after the climax is apparently of a mind that they were actually lying to Sarris about being actors. He now thinks lying is something that can occasionally be used for good, but doesn't understand that Jason's white lies (made when he thought everything was fine) led to cataclysmic consequences anyway. He definitely doesn't seem to get that any benefits of Jason's deceit were entirely accidental.

Fridge Logic

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