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Fridge Brilliance

  • With the recent shop update to Gaia Online, all the NPCs got new art. Ruby's shop art was changed from a southern belle's outfit to what appears to be a fairy's outfit, in accordance to her shop's change from only selling hats to the much wider range of "cute, quirky and quintessentially Gaian styles". I thought "oh, okay, quirky, I get it, I guess." Later, I realized that her fairy's outfit was not a fairy's outfit, but actually represented a goddess's outfit—in other words, her new outfit is based on the goddess Gaia. Brilliant. — Shroopliss
    • Alternately, it could be an angel outfit, in honor of the rumor that characters who failed the Save Our Shops event would be removed from the site and functionally "dead". — Yuihime
  • Back a few years ago, before the Vampire themed Hallowe'en [before we knew it was vampires], Edmund had us collect orchids and garlic. I never quite got the point of the orchids until I read the Flower Motifs page [and it still took a bit]. Much like vampires, orchids are parasitic.
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  • Gaian vampires can eat human-style food, they just find it unpleasant. This explains the non-canon storyline where Louie would have been a literal Vegetarian Vampire.
  • The Church of Non-Specific Worship makes sense considering that the number and variety of Physical Gods Gaia apparently has would make organized religion difficult.

Fridge Logic

  • The 2007 Halloween event revealed that Ian and Louie were brothers, and, more importantly, heirs to Vladimir Von Helson's estate and title of nobility. This was a very surprising turn of events, but it makes some sense and really isn't that implausible in hindsight. What still doesn't really make a lot of sense is the fact that Louie ended up inheriting the title and estate, since he's the younger brother. Assuming royal succession works the same way on Gaia as it does in reality, Ian would have been the heir apparent because he's Vladimir's firstborn son, which means he should have been first in line for the Von Helson estate and title, not Louie. Since Ian clearly hadn't died, and it's never been indicated that he did inherit the throne but chose to abdicate, this would mean Louie didn't really inherit it legitimately. Not even a king has the legal authority to circumvent the rules of succession by declaring a favored son first in line, which is essentially what Vlad did just before he died.

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