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Fridge / FlashForward (2009)

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  • Fridge Logic:
    • In "Queen Sacrifice," it's revealed that Dyson Frost has had many, many flash forwards and knows all sorts of detailed stuff about the future, and particularly about the Mosaic investigation. If so, why does there need to be a mole inside Mosaic at all, much less two of them?
    • Near the end of the episode, Frost contacts Mark and informs him that he can now meet up with him and talk more freely seeing as the "mole problem" has been taken care of. It appears that the moles aren't his.
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    • It's been shown that the Flash Forwards aren't certain, only possibilities. Things might play out one way or another, and he needs to know which.
    • Plus, your Flash Forward is only about what you will be doing at time X; you can't see or acquire knowledge about anything or anyplace you won't be or don't have access to.
    • That kangaroo is still running around in the series finale! How the hell did no-one do anything about that kangaroo in six months?

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