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Fridge / Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Complete, Cloud starts to feel sorry for himself as usual, but gets taunted by Sephiroth and is reminded that he is/was a puppet. That's not the kicker. Sephiroth is only able to do this because Cloud has Geostigma which is simply Jenova cells that the tainted Lifestream accidentally gave to some thousands of people. Jenova cells are said to be controlled by Sephiroth's will. So essentially, when Cloud contracted Geostigma, Sephiroth trolled him at every instance he could. When Cloud is about to have a nightcap with Tifa, Sephiroth is in his head reminding him of how much he sucks. When Cloud shows even a bit of hope, cue Sephiroth giving him a hallucination of the past. Cloud literally had a Kanye West in his head for two years or so.
    Sephiroth: Your Geostigma is gone? That's too bad.
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  • Some people claim that Cloud proclaiming that there's not a thing he doesn't cherish is a bit Narmish, but it makes sense since Cloud's finally come to appreciate life, every little bit of it.
  • Cloud and Tifa run a small business called the Strife Delivery Service. It's a shipping company.
  • Cloud gets stabbed in the shoulder by Sephiroth, He gets thrown into the air, stabbed around 7 times (through the arms, shoulders, chest, one stab going THROUGH his knee and continuing into his shoulder). He then falls to the ground in a puddle of his own blood, pulls out Omnislash and is apparently fine except for being exhausted and having a few cuts... Until Yazoo fires at him. He gets a HEADSHOT and doesn't really care about it. How come? Well, he's an RPG character. RPG characters get stabbed, shot, burnt, poisoned, frozen, and on occasion even punched but can continue on at full capability as long as that HP meter isn't at 0/2000.
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  • Why did Tifa block the debris that Loz threw at her, thus leaving herself open to attack, instead of dodging it? Because she had to protect Marlene, who was standing right behind her.
  • Why does Denzel ask Tifa who Yuffie and Vincent are but not ask her who the rest of the cast is? Might be for the fact that Yuffie and Vincent were secret characters in Final Fantasy VII and not everyone might know who they are.
    • Closely related: Barret is Marlene's adoptive father. So it's reasonable to assume that Denzel met him at least once, or Marlene would have some photos of him.
  • Cloud's brooding qualities being made more prominent can be explained not only due to Geostigma, but also to developing PTSD after everything that happened in the main game.
  • By today's standards the idea of flip cellphones being considered "futuristic" seems really out of place. However, characters already had cellphones in the original game, to the point that the method of assembling your party or camping on the world map was basically by phone. Accentuating this is that the world of VII was already in a case of Zeerust, mixing elements of fantasy and Diesel Punk together. A little bit of time passed and it's perfectly reasonable that given the anachronistic technology on display, they'd upgrade to flip phones.

Fridge Logic

  • At one point, Kadaj summons something with a Green Materia. Summons come from Red Materia.
    • Probably just an animation oversight.
    • Yazoo is seen taking the kids in Edge into a truck, and shown driving them away, eventually ending up in the Forgotten City. How did he manage to drive there? The Forgotten City is on a separate continent. Furthermore, how was Cloud able to follow him on his motorcycle?
      • Probably just took a ship that carries vehicles.
  • How did Sephiroth come Back from the Dead, anyway? Maybe I missed something because I didn't see Complete, but it didn't make any sense to me.
    • It's basically explained in On the Way to a Smile - Case of Lifestream: Black. Basically, Sephiroth obsessively thought of Cloud, to keep himself alive in the Lifestream and used the three white-haired guys as a way to come back, along with Cloud's memories of Sephiroth. Aerith could do the same thing, but she chose not to.
      • The Remnants were made of Jenova cells but weren't powerful enough to create a body for Sephiroth to house. Being exposed to a pure Jenova sample, the "Head", it let Kadaj's body act as a new one for Sephiroth's mind to leave the Lifestream.
  • One question gets raised, thanks to the existence of Dirge of Cerberus - how the hell does anyone have the ability to call each other? Maybe the plot point wasn't written yet by the time Advent Children was made, but a story element of Dirge involved the start of the game having a celebration about the restoration of the Worldwide Network, or the Internet for short. Granted, phones existed before the Internet, but with the collapse of Shin-Ra, the management of phone networks are never once brought up either. Maybe they're so important that they're the first thing society restored in just two years?
    • Actually they would be one of the most important things. Why? Because they allow for Instantaneous Communications over a vast distance. Which is great when you are trying to organize and rebuild.


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