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Fridge Logic

  • If the foul line is the threshold, what happens when a foul ball is hit?
    • They get another ball?
      • It isn't be the foul line. It's some rocks separating the field of play from the stands. The catcher, umpire, and the at bat team are all outside the line as is typical. Also, when Mann and Graham arrive, Shoeless Joe walks right up to them and you can see behind him the foul line.
  • What would have happened if any other players crossed the barrier?
    • It looks like each player is able to take on the form of however old he was when he played; Moonlight Graham, for example, was in his late teens/early twenties when he was in the league, and so appears that way. Presumably if a player crosses the barrier, they immediately "age up" to however old they were when they died and have to permanently leave the field.



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