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Fridge Horror

  • DEVA has the ability to upload, download, and connect minds to memory chips. Which means it can probably disconnect them too (uploading would require it). What if they could selectively disconnect certain memory files, and connect someone's mind to memory files that aren't their's? They would be in complete control of their resident's minds.

  • As Angela is preparing to be re-uploaded to DEVA, she explains that a lifespan-shortening code can be sent to her body to kill it off once her mission is complete and her consciousness has left it. Presumably this function is still active, meaning that at any time her body could be killed by DEVA, whose higher government has already attempted to execute her once already. Even if we take into account Angela's severed connection to the network, if she ever gets into range of another security agent's connection again, she may be as good as dead.
    • I don't think that's so much a part of her body as a part of the suit. The suit uploads the code to her, rather than her having a chip in her brain or something. So she's safe from that as soon as she gets the suit off. Doesn't stop her from being wanted by the government that directly rules and may or may not mind control 99% of humanity, and seems to be at least partial in control of the rest though...

  • Anyone who has played Soma already knows about the lie that is digital uploading of one's consciousness. Technically everytime someone gets uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise have their data moved in a non-direct way, they are dead and a copy with the exact same memories right up til the point of death has taken their place.
    • Except that's demonstrably not true as Angela's real body is 'empty' when she goes up to DEVA to appeal on behalf of Frontier Setter, and the New Arhan likewise becomes 'empty' when she goes back to that body. Also, the way digital uploading works is entirely dependant on the way the writer of the work wants it to work and just because one story paints it a certain way it does not mean that it is true for every form of media that uses the trope.


Fridge Logic

  • Angela grew up in a virtual environment, and based on the fact that it didn't simulate the weight of one's own body(until she was training to get one), nor sickness, nor the need for food, drink, or rest, we can assume it didn't simulate the effects of hormones i.e. puberty. That's right, everyone born in DEVA skipped puberty( lucky bastards). Which means now that Angela is trapped in her 16-year-old body, she'll have to go through it. And if they didn't simulate hormones, it's only logical to assume they didn't simulate the effects of periods, causing the invocation of No Periods, Period, and thanks to the prior spoiler... I should need to say nothing more. Also, good God I have a messed up mind for thinking of that.
    • If nothing else, the idea of Dingo being forced to explain to Angela what's happening to her is worth a few laughs.

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