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Fridge Brilliance

  • One has to wonder how Danielle managed to create wings for the masquerade ball. But then you remember what Leonardo said about "giving her wings". Looks like his flying machine can be used for decoration among other things.
    • Not to mention it's a Callback to what she told Prince Henry what she couldn't do: "Fly!" Guess she can do that too now.

Fridge Horror

  • Even if Danielle's father hadn't died of a heart attack, what would the Baroness have done in his absence? Would she have made Danielle a slave and kept her silent with emotional abuse?
    • Interesting, but unlikely considering how close Danielle was to her father. Moreover, Danielle only endured her miserable life in the hopes of gaining affection from her only surviving (step)parent.

Fridge Logic

  • Instead of saying he'll live forever, why doesn't the king just say he will step over Henry? Even if this movie isn't the most historically accurate, if Henry is a young man when he shouldn't be born for another seven years then by all logic Francis' younger son Charles must also exist and if he doesn't then what about another male member of the House of Valois?
    • Honestly it's because we have no idea which Francis and which Henry this movie is reffering too.

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