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Fridge Brilliance

  • While I'm not repelled by its political views, I agree with those on this site that look at Tehanu as Canon Discontinuity compared to the original trilogy. However, it recently occurred to me that given that she was the one who described the "Mrs. Brown problem" in the Turkey City Lexicon, Le Guin may have had a subtler message than extreme feminism. In a typical fantasy book (which the first three Earthsea novels kind of are), protagonists have magic powers or are otherwise special. Middle-aged housewife Tenar and de-powered Ged are out-of-the-loop in this respect, and the book can be seen in this way as a Deconstruction of how a fantasy world is for the "little people." —Jordan
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  • Why is Ged's usename 'Sparrowhawk'? Because A) he's a wizard and B) a sparrowhawk is a kind of bird of prey - as is a Merlin. —Azvolrien

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