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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Chapter 2, Shikako reasons out another reason for why the people of Konoha would fear Naruto.
    It struck me then that people weren't afraid of Naruto per se, but of him letting the Kyuubi out. Some people must have known that Kushina was the vessel. It cant have been an absolute secret, not in a village of ninja. But if the weakened seal during birth was a secret… that meant they had no idea why the Kyuubi had gotten loose. The Third was in a lose-lose situation. Knowledge of the weakened seal would endanger the jinchuriki and cause panic, but if he didn't say, then people could only wonder why?
    She had been too close to Konoha to have been killed in battle. Which left the assumption that she had let it out willingly.
    And if Kushina had, a fully grown, capable Shinobi, then a child… would he do the same?
    Of course, Jinchuriki got a bad rap. Whether it was undeserved or not, caused or not, it was still fact that many of them were homicidal and unstable. Keeping your distance from someone like that was just common sense. And telling your children to, doubly more so.
    • She also realizes why most people don't realize that Naruto is the child of Minato and Kushina.
    "No one knows who his parents are," Shikaku said carefully.
    "But he has a last name," I objected. Some orphans didn't, case in point – Tenten. How hard could it be to go Uzumaki-Uzumaki?
    "It could be an honorary name," Shikaku said. "After someone who died the day he was born."
    Translation – he could have been called Uzumaki because he was the vessel, not the vessel because he was an Uzumaki. Which, actually, was perfectly plausible. If people hadn't known that she was pregnant at the time. I suspect people didn't like to think of it.
  • Shikako's choices of which person combats each member of the Sound Four reeks of this, due to her knowledge of their skills.
    • Jirobou - Neji. He is Weak, but Skilled, and his individual skills make him the best fit for The Brute, who is Unskilled, but Strong in contrast.
    • Kidomaru - Ino, and Shikako herself. Shikako is a talented Guile Heroine to match his Evil Genius, and she works well with Ino due to their family techniques.
    • Tayuya - Shikamaru and Choji. Of all the Squad, they work together the best and can combine their Brains and Brawn qualities, which is important given she is the Four's second-strongest.
    • Sakon & Ukon - Naruto. He's the strongest of the Retrieval Team; also, his Shadow Clones and improved strategic sense can both outmatch the twins and counter their unique Kekkei Genkai.
  • One reader gives an accurate description of Shikako's personality in vein of what Hogwarts House she'd been in, as well as a general analysis of how the members of Team 7 (minus Kakashi) think and act.

  • Konoha places a lot of importance in protecting the next generation. As such, it only makes sense to have the Academy next to one of the most defensible places in the village to protect the students if there is an emergency, as Shikako notes in Chapter 2.
    The Ninja Academy, surprisingly enough, was located next to the mountain in the same building as the Hokage's Office, and Mission Assignment Desk. It seemed some what counterintuitive to have so many young and noisy children next to such a serious work environment, until one realised that it was perhaps the most defensible location in the entire village. In fact the only safer places were inside the mountain itself.
    • She also finds out that there are multiple classes each year, which makes sense as it would be impossible for the village's forces to be replenished if they only got 9 new ninja each year.
    It surprised me a bit at how many children there were here. I'd kinda had the impression that there was only one class per year. That wasn't true. There were more like five or six. I guess that makes sense, when you think that not all individuals would last to graduation, and not all those would pass. There had to be more that three teams refilling the shinobi ranks every year, or the ninja population would decline very, very fast.
  • Shikako realizes in Chapter 5 that Kakashi can get away with using lame excuses, at least for relatively unimportant things, because he's a elite Jounin and is given a lot of leeway.
    He… actually used excuses like that. I almost couldn't believe it. If he used excuses like that on everyone else-
    I frowned. If he did then what? When you were an elite Jounin you could get away with a hell of a lot, being late included. It wasn't like there was anyone that could call him on it except maybe the Jounin Commander and the Hokage and even then they'd probably hold off until it was an important issue.
  • Even though Konoha has a huge front gate, it should only make sense that they have other, smaller gates that aren't for public use, as noted in Chapter 9.
    The Main Gate was the main entrance to Konoha. Most civilians thought it was the only gate but that wasn't quite true. It was just that the others were used only by specific people (I.e. ANBU), for secretive missions, and never, ever with civilians.
  • Shikako hypothesizes from Zabuza's actions from when they first met that he isn't entirely serious about killing Tazuna, which she guesses is because he can get more money if he doesn't kill Tazuna too quickly. She also rationalizes Zabuza and Kakashi monologuing for the two trying to find an alternate way to resolve things before they kill one another.