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Fridge Brilliance

  • Namekians and Majins have the best defensive stats. Well, it is difficult to harm someone who can regenerate.
  • The Yardat costume lowers stamina. Well, it is big and puffy, not like you'd want to wear it in a fight.
  • In the Alternate Universe where the Player Character takes Goku's spot in the Grand Theft Me with Ginyu, they later correct it through the use of Guldo - explaining why he earned a spot on the Ginyu Force. Not necessarily because of his skill as a fighter, but because he augments Ginyu's most powerful ability so well.
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  • Ever wonder why Mira, Towa, and Demigra couldn't just control Supreme Kai of Time? They probably tried to, but it failed, especially since Demigra tried to control Beerus and Goku, but it didn't work due to them being gods. Since Supreme Kai of Time is a god, she is immune to their control.
  • Trunks explains GT away by calling it an alternate timeline. It at least explains why everything is so different in GT, as opposed to the normal timeline that carried on from the manga into Battle of Gods.
  • Every bit of Lunch/Launch's outfit in this game cost 800,000 zeni. There are four pieces of this blasted thing, which means (combined, that's 3,200,000 zeni), and since Zeni is based on yen, this entire set would cost $26,506 in real life. Why is it so ungodly expensive? Lunch WAS a thief; who said she bought it herself?
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  • Notice how Uub is missing from any GT related stuff, and how Kid Buu is revived without being reincarnated? Did you ever remember Goku wishing Buu would be reincarnated?
  • Normally, having only a certain amount of time to complete a PQ where a time limit would be completely irrelevant (Like playing tag with Gotenks) is dumb, but you have to remember, these are unstable regions of time. You don't want to be in there for too long.
  • Some players were disappointed by Frieza's race not being able to transform. However, they actually can. Their race exclusive costumes are stated to be grown from their bodies and they do make them stronger (since costumes affect the player characters stats). This means that (at least In-Universe) whenever a Frieza clansman changes outfits, that's them transforming.
  • Anyone wonder why Vegeta got the power boost at the beginning of the Namek Saga when he was (technically) on the hero's side facing the Ginyu Force? Because Towa knew it would tempt Ginyu to use his body change, leading to the events we saw in the scroll prior to arrival.
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  • Notice how during yours and Bardock's scuffle with Broly on a dying Namek, the sky suddenly turns dark and you all disappear? Some people may assume the sky glitched out and there was something missed in all the Timey-Wimey Ball confusion, but any fan familiar with the lore will realize that all three characters were on Namek at the exact time King Kai and Dende used the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish everyone but Freeza and Goku back to Earth. Yes, that includes you three as well.
  • Despite people's complaints about Trunks hardly doing anything, it actually makes sense when you think about it: the majority of the quests take place before the Z-Fighters ever met him. Meaning if he interfered, then the Z-Fighters would meet him out of order and then be distracted by his presence after that. Your character, however, doesn't know the Z-Fighters at all, and just appears, helps out, then vanishes.
  • Trunks being punished for time travel makes a lot of sense when you consider that his and Future Bulma's dicking around with causality indirectly led to Cell jumping to the past too. This isn't quite the case, as Supreme Kai of Time was alright with it since it stopped Cell. She needed an assistant though so she made up the bit about Time Machines being illegal to dupe Trunks into working for her.
  • One of the special intros for Mira in vs.mode has Whis calling him pale. This can be seen as a cool little call back to Dragon Ball Online because Mira was originally called "The Pale Man".
  • This Troper didn't find the final battle against Demigra to be that hard, yet the fight prior to it against first form Demigra was much harder. Final form Demigra's attacks, Supers, and Ultimates are all slow and telegraphed, easily avoidable. They hit like a truck sure, but that didn't matter. In other words, he made the same exact mistake Trunks made when he bulked up against Cell, trading Speed for power!

Fridge Logic

  • So the Future Warrior can be a Saiyan... from the future... despite the fact that the Saiyans became all-but extinct before the events of the main series. How can the Future Warrior be a Saiyan then?
    • The Future Warrior is brought to Tokitoki City by Shenron at Trunks's behest, who says they're actually from Age 850? Or that they had been alive when they'd been summoned. Tokitoki City is in Other World after all.
      • The Future Warrior could come from a time such as Dragon Ball Online Dragon Ball Online's Age 1000. Although pure blooded Saiyans are no more, Earthlings with Saiyan blood are common. Even in Age 850 (roughly 75 years after Buu's defeat) it should be possible to find descendants of Goku and Vegeta.
    • There's also no guarantee that all the Saiyans have been driven to extinction. Saiyans constantly send their babies and children off to other planets. There could be hundreds of Saiyan survivors in various galactic quadrants. Not only that, in Xenoverse, there are several Saiyan NPCs you can recruit; confirmed to be Saiyans, and thus they to are survivors, or descendants of survivors.
      • It's even possible that some adult Saiyans on other planets have survived, they may have failed to get Frieza orders to return to Planet Vegeta (and probably only later found out what happened after the planet was destroy), or they pulled a Turles and straight up defied Frieza's orders to stake out on their own.
      • Except it was explicitly stated in Online that Saiyans were extinct right? The only sorta-Saiyans around then (except for past characters) were the humans with minute Saiyan blood.
    • The Saiyan species was not native to Planet Vegeta. Perhaps their planet of origin is still out there, full of Saiyans?
    • Well even though there are only twelve "universes" as of Battle Of Gods, Dragon Ball Online implies alternative universes/timelines are infinite. Already there is the split caused by Trunks using the time machine, the split caused by Cell which got the Kai's attention in the first place, whatever caused the GT split... Shenron probably has lots of options as far as summoning goes.
    • Plus, Shenron can resurrect the dead. Who is to say you're not one of the many, many, many, many dead Saiyans? Shenron goes "Well, this one had potential, before it got vaporized, so why not?"
      • Not likely. Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta many years ago and Shenron can only resurrect people if they died less than a year ago. Plus, "Resurrection F" revealed that while Shenron COULD, in fact, revive someone who died more than a year ago, it wouldn't be wise to ask him to do so because they'd be in the same state in which they died. Frieza was blown to pieces by Future Trunks and still in pieces when his henchmen revived him. They had to stitch him back together and put him in a rejuvenation chamber just to fully revive him.
      • Perhaps there is a difference in using the dragon balls at the time nest, since it seems to act as a nexus for the fabric of time. Like making the wish there is like being at every point of time, thus you are always within a year of death of the person you want to revive.
      • Despite being unlikely, perhaps some of the Saiyans were revived through Porunga prior to Trunks wish, and Shenron simply had to pick one of them.
  • Why does Future Trunks, of all people, qualify to join the Time Police? Didn't he use time travel to alter the "natural" course of events?
    • They explain this, the Supreme Kai of Time demanded that he join the Time Patrol as penance for altering the timeline (though later admits she was just screwing with him but now he's too dedicated to the job for her to tell him that).
      • She admits that the real reason she lied, though, is because she wanted a friend. She's millions of years old, has the mind of a teen girl, and her only friend is a bird. Of course she'd lie to befriend him. Plus, of all the characters, he totally deserved it the most. He grew up with two loved ones, and one's dead, and the other one is his mother.
  • The twist with the Android Arc, where Towa had the Androids kill Trunks to erase him from existence. All well and good until you remember that Towa had already previously affected the Cell Jrs. to kill the Z-Fighters so Trunks should have started fading from existence much earlier.
    • Towa's interference has a delayed effect. Each of the distortions don't affect the main timeline by screwing with the character's memories, and the Future Warrior is able to step in and fix time before it spirals out of control. Towa's plan B simply had the time to kick in because while the Future Warrior was focused on one issue, the other was allowed to go unchecked.
  • How can Time Patrol Trunks and Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Super both be the same guy? Super's Trunks has blue hair like Bulma and apparently did so all along, while Xeno Trunks still has the same lavender hair Trunks has always had even through Xenoverse 2. Also, depending on when Chronoa took him, wouldn't he be sore at her at some point for taking him away from Future Mai? Literally the only way this works is if time diverged in two again after Future Trunks took care of the android threat, but the hair thing is a hint that a small change had taken place from the very beginning.
    • Multiverse Theory's a bitch. There are several versions of 'Future Trunks' in the Dragon Ball continuity. There's Main!Future Trunks, the lavender haired warrior who we saw in the Android/Cell Saga, Xeno!Trunks [who incidentally never fought Freeza], the Dead!Future Trunks [whom Cell killed to get into the main timeline], and Super!Trunks, who is a version of Main!Future Trunks who exists in line with Dragon Ball Super's continuity. Before Chronoa recruited Xeno!Trunks, Super!Trunks was kind of seperate from the mess of timelines. It was because of Zamasu/Goku Black that drove Super!Trunks to go back in time again. Each time Trunks traveled with the time machine and changed stuff, he created a new universe.... that or it was simply a retcon, and the designers got too lazy to change all of the Trunks character models to have blue hair.
    • To be clear, in Super, Trunks didn't create a new timeline when he went back. According to Gowasu, the last Time Ring (which is created when a 'new world' is created) was made several years ago. Instead, Trunks created a Stable Time Loop that led to the creations of Black. As for the hair, it isn't a big deal since Bulma's hair is purple in the manga, aqua-green in the anime, and then blue in Battle of Gods, Resurrection 'F', and Super. GT Trunks who is supposed to be main timeline Trunks also has darker purple hair.

Fridge Horror

  • The Supreme Kai of Time, as it happens, is a Lethal Chef. As in, her cooking is so bad it gives a Saiyan a stomach-ache... and then you remember she offered Beerus this same, horrible food. Remember what happens when Beerus is displeased.
    • Beerus declining the offer. Either Whis tipped him off that her food is terrible or they've done this dance before.
  • Both Frieza and Gohan seem to express shock at seeing a Future Warrior of the Frieza race, and seem to imply that their race is bordering on extinction. Just what could have happened to nearly destroy a race like that? Rebellions after the death of the Cold Family?
    • One of the townies gives a hint as to why there's more now. He's bothered the Frieza Race Time Patrollers are all descended from the person that slaughtered his people. A Frieza Race Time Patroller also says that the Cold Family were evil mutants. Resurrection of F confirms that Frieza never trained a day in his life, and all his power is inborn. So, what does this all imply? Frieza, and if he exists, Cooler, were not naturally created in the first place. They're basically their version of Cell. King Cold, too.
      • How far back does that stretch then?, considering the Cold family dates back to at least Chilled (who was around when Planet Vegeta was still Planet Plant).
  • Amongst the Accessories is the Z-Sword. While it can be unlocked in a Personal Quest, the easiest way to unlock it is for Old Kai to give it to you... But the Sword is supposed to have Old Kai trapped in it. Then you realize Supreme Kai isn't playable or even mentioned in this game...
    • The Z-Sword you get is explicitly stated to be a replica.

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