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Fridge Brilliance

  • The subtitle of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest has bothered me and many others for a while. During production, it was "Diddy Kong's Quest", but it was changed at the end. Then the reason hit me: it's supposed to sound like "Diddy's Conquest".
    • Also, he's on a quest to find DK... Diddy is literally on a Kong Quest.
  • In many Donkey Kong Country games Cranky Kong tells you that old games were much more challenging than they are nowadays. First I thought it was quite weird, since he was never playable. Then I realised that nobody needs to be the main character to PLAY THE GAME HIMSELF.
    • Actually, Cranky Kong is canonically the original Donkey Kong from the arcade game. The Donkey Kong in the DKC series is the original Donkey Kong, Jr. When Cranky is talking about himself and referring to older games, he's talking about his appearances in the arcade cabinets (and the original Game Boy remake).
    • No wonder he thinks games back in his days were challenging; his game had him as the bad guy destined to lose!
      • Well, canonically, yes, Cranky lost. In actual gameplay terms? Not necessarily.
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    • As of now, he's a playable character.
  • In Donkey Kong 64, you play the original Donkey Kong arcade game for one of the Golden Bananas and the Nintendo Coin. Now, Jumpman, the character you play as in Donkey Kong, moves slow and can't jump high... sort of like the Kong you rescue in the same level.
  • "Take it to the bridge" is a term in music, often said aloud in rap, for when the verse ends and they go to the bridge of the song. So that's what the memetic "Take it to the fridge" line is based on. But why the fridge? Because the next few lines, the "bridge"... are just listing off food. Almost certainly Kirkhope's intention, but few people would have spotted it right away.
  • So if the Tiki-Tak Tribe have been living underneath Kong Island for god knows how long, how come they wait till Donkey Kong Country Returns to make their appearance known? Well, K. Rool and his Kremlings are nowhere to be found in these new games, so perhaps the tribe was waiting for their competition to vanish so they could rule Kong Island unopposed.

Fridge Horror

Fridge Logic

  • How come Cranky Kong (the original Donkey Kong) is old while Mario and Pauline have not aged?
    • Two reasons: 1. He aged quickly because he's an ape, or 2. We go with the theory that the Mario we see in Donkey Kong is actually the father of the modern Mario.

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