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Fridge / Doctor Who S34 E11 "Dark Water"

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Doctor Chang comes off as something of an Expy of the Tenth Doctor. It would seem in character for Missy to hire an underling that reminded her of the target of her affections.
  • Fridge Horror: Danny's death happens when he's crossing the street while on the phone with Clara. He's distracted by his conversation with Clara, and doesn't notice an oncoming car. No wonder Clara's so upset at his death. Her declaration of devotion killed him.
    • Even more painfully-ironic, considering that Clara's own parents met because her Mum saved her Dad from dying in a similar kind of accident.
  • Fridge Logic: The dark water's Power Perversion Potential (when Dr. Chang mentions using it in swimming pools) should only work as intended if the swimmers wear nothing but synthetic fabrics.
    • How many cotton bathing suits have you seen in the present day? The answer is probably none. Swimsuits these days are always made out of synthetic fabric.

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