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Fridge / Dinotrux

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Fridge Horror

  • Scraptors. While most scrap collectors are content to scavenge spare scrap metal that is found lying around or prey on the weak or injured, Scraptors are perfectly willing to team up to attack completely able Dinotrux to capture them and take them to their nest where they gradually tear them apart piece by piece as they need material to build their nests.
  • Scrap collectors in general if you think too hard about the fact the only scrap metal in this world is essentially the flesh of living beings.
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  • At the end of Season 5, the Dreadtrux leaves peacefully with her egg. But in part 1, Revvit notes that Dreadtrux spend months eating and destroying everything in their path. The mother Dreadtrux may have left the Crater in peace, but what about all the Trux and their homes outside the crater?!
  • At the season 8 finale, D-Stroy is seen driven out of the crater by the tunnel, then rocks covered it. He might have died as if he had been alive, he would have busted his way out.

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