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Fridge Brilliance

  • Anyone who is familiar with animals would know that they rarely communicate solely based on vocal responses. Body language is crucial to understanding an animal's feelings. Thus, it is likely that the language of dinosaurs is also based upon body language; while there are roars, growls, etc., body language is just as important if not more important. Since Rex understands the language of dinosaurs due to his origins, he must have a strong understanding of body language. That is why Rex can understand Amanda Claw when nobody else can! ... At least, before she started speaking again.
    • This became Ascended Fridge Brilliance in Love and War, wherein Rex even directly compares understanding Amanda's expressions to understanding the language of the dinosaurs.
  • The female T-Rex on Adventurers' Island gave several reasons in her argument against helping Minifigs, mostly involving Sam Sinister. Although unspoken, it is likely that another reason that she refuses to help Minifigs is because, as a T-Rex, she sees Minifigs as prey (which may cross over into Fridge Horror), not as equals. Because some of her "prey", such as Sinister, became the "predator" and started hunting her kind, she is especially bitter about the whole matter.
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  • It's been established that many of the Western citizens hold very prejudiced views. While racism has not been brought up (seeing as minifigs tend to be yellow by default this wouldn't be a problem in this rendition of the West), they do show very sexist attitudes toward women. However, Clint Wayne, Angel Eyes, and Harmonica never questioned the fact that Maria was working on the team and Clint even invited her to help infiltrate Fort Legorado. Perhaps their time in the Dino Attack Team changed them more than they thought.
  • At first glance, it does seem odd when you consider that out of all the agents in the fortress, Kate was the one least affected by the gas despite having been in the vents. Knowing now that Wallace Bishop was actually Frank Einstein, who had sworn to protect her, maybe he had a hand in her recovery. Perhaps he already had an antidote or at least something that would delay the effects long enough for Kate to be rescued and get proper medical treatment, and when Kate was locked in the office he was pumping something into her without her even knowing.
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  • In the Goo Caverns story arc, it was once noted that Amanda Claw is one of the few Dino Attack agents trusted with an emergency lighter. It was also noted that some agents had abused their lighter privileges, leading to it becoming rare and for emergencies only. Why does Amanda just happen to be one of those agents trusted with one? Remember how Bricassius burned down the Remous family mansion. From that day forward, Amanda would be the last person to think of abusing her lighter privileges. This was further enforced by a flashback, in which Silencia Venomosa was offended by Montoya offering her a cigarette.
  • Word of God specified that Trigger was not affected by the Maelstrom's illusions during the battle in the temple because he had enough experience with the Maelstrom that the Darkitect didn't bother trying. This isn't to say that he has no fears, as was apparently the case with Snake. However, the recent series of flashbacks make it entirely clear that, on some level at least, he fears Silencia Venomosa. Perhaps, therefore, the real reason that he was not confronted with an illusion depicting his worst fear was that his worst fear was already in the temple.
    • This would also explain why he considers killing Amanda/Silencia more important than cooperating, completing his assignment, and getting paid. Trigger is the sort of man who wants to believe he isn't afraid of anything; when the counterevidence for this belief is walking around in the form of a woman, the only way for Trigger to resolve that cognitive dissonance is to kill her.
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  • For anyone freaking out over the fact that the entire world is in ruins and society is going to take a long time to rebuild, just think about it. It's a world made of LEGO. What is LEGO known for? Building! If you build a LEGO model and smash it, you can rebuild it! Now, imagine an entire world that can be rebuilt as easily as your plastic toys, inhabited by people who build for a living. Don't worry, LEGO Planet's going to be back on its feet in no time at all! Remember that the current Dino Attack Headquarters, which is no small building, was erected by a team of elite builders in what was probably less than a week in-universe after the destruction of the original Dino Attack Headquarters (it was built so quickly that Rex, Zero, Claw, and Remous were all surprised to suddenly see a brand new building in place of the old one). And, over the course of the eight-month war, parts of LEGO City and other areas retaken by Dino Attack Team were reconstructed to the point of being inhabitable again. On top of all that, unlike a house in the real world, if a LEGO house is partially destroyed, you can quickly fix up what still stands and then build upon it, instead of having to knock the rest down and start from scratch; as a result, even though many of the world's cities are in ruin, in a world of LEGO they can easily be rebuilt. And, as I said, this is an entire world which revolves around building. Reconstruction is not going to be a major issue for these guys. If it were, well then, it wouldn't be LEGO, right? It would be MegaBloks!
  • Maria's spend her whole time in the RPG acting as something of a feminist who's also living in a community that is explicitly shown to be extremely sexist (this itself being inspired by the real Wild West). Near the end it was revealed that she was actually a lesbian. Now consider for a moment the fact that throughout history (and even now in some countries) homosexuality was actively condemned to the point where people were murdered for it. We never found out for sure how many common prejudices are reflected in the eyes of Western citizens (racism for instance, was never brought up), there was never indicating that these people didn't oppose homosexuality. Perhaps the real reason why she is such a feminist is the result of her being frustrated and scared about the fact that she could not openly admit to her sexual orientation- and being found in bed with another woman could get her killed- and in the process she started to realize just how unpleasantly she was being treated already, which led to her desire to break with her society's cultural views of women.
  • The colored image of Cyrista's Bane has gold and more red than just the underbelly at imagreekgoddess's, avmatoran's friend, suggestion. Now, you might think that gold and red on a cyborg T-Rex is stupid. However, what are two colors that subconciously mean "Danger! Stay away!"? Red and yellow, which is close to gold. Wouldn't XERRD want to take advantage of this and put a pschological warfare aspect into Cyrista's Bane? And there is the Fridge Brilliance.
  • Most human minifigs are at least mildly repulsed by Pterisa's shocking appearance. Which minifig is completely unaffected by this and in fact finds himself romantically attracted to her? Andrew, who spent quite a long time trying to deal with the repressed desire to become a mutant hybrid himself.
  • When Dr. Cyborg first joined the team at Adventurer's Island, he hacked the XERRD firewall easily when nobody else could. He was a high-ranking XERRD scientist, and he was excellent with technology. He had probably made the firewall himself, kept it running, patched it, edited it, and basically knew the coding inside and out. Even though he had lost conscious access to his memories, subconciously, he still knew how to get inside the firewall! Unfortunately, this was retconned into Canon Discontinuity at the request of Atton Rand, and therefore the Fridge Brilliance was lost.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a ship's captain can only actually perform a wedding if they have a license. Then again, out of the whole cast Greybeard seems like the most likely to have actually done this. He is a very old man who is clearly shown to be an adventurous sort of character who has been all over the place. He might well have even known about the whole idea that a captain could perform a marriage and thought "Ar, I should be gettin' me a license in case two swabs e'er ask t' be marry'n."
  • Some say that, even for a Mama Bear, Sarah Bishop's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Rotor seemed a little extreme. That is, until you remember that Sarah was down in Antarctica with Jenny Strangebrick while the latter was recovering from Rotor's brutal torture. While Jenny was likely traumatized by the experience and nearly frightened to death by it, it's possible that she ultimately revealed to Sarah what happened to her or at least that Sarah was able to deduce it. So, therefore, Sarah wouldn't just be furious at Rotor for the mistreatment of her own daughter, but for the brutal torture of another young girl as well, resulting in even greater aggression in her beatdown of Rotor.
  • The Maelstrom cannot be destroyed, only contained and delayed. The Maelstrom is destruction. How do you destroy destruction? You can't.
  • The official explanation for Montoya's survival during the Dacta Corp. heist was that he was outside the office building when Silencia Venemosa's massacre started. Theoretically being unarmed and alone he would have been an easy target but Silencia instead went directly for the other six men inside the building. Why? The obvious explanation is because they were the ones who were actually stealing the blueprints while Montoya was simply the getaway driver, who was waiting outside and whose job during the actual heist would have amounted to alerting his partners if the police showed up. However, several years later Silencia, now under the name of Amanda Claw, admitted that she saw something about Montoya that made him stand out. Perhaps the real reason she didn't immediately go for Montoya was because she realized he was a good man, if only on a subconscious level, and didn't want to hurt him as long as she could help it... an early sign of her redemption, perhaps?
  • Some skeptics ask, in regards to the Dino Attack RPG timeline, why would pirates and knights (and other such groups) continue to use outdated technology despite the existence of modern civilizations? Pirates Forbidden Island and Castle Cove aren't isolated from the rest of the planet and are well-aware of modern technology thanks to events such as the LEGO Racing Championships, yet consciously continue to use their own technology instead. Why? Although the reasons are likely very different from those of the pirates and knights (due to the rather downplayed role of religion in the Dino Attack RPG universe), there is a very similar case of Medieval Stasis in real life: the Amish. Although they are well-aware of modern technology and will use it in certain situations, for the most part they instead elect to live a life that is not very different from the lives of those who lived around the 18th century. Now, imagine a group of people like the Amish, but instead modelling their lifestyle after those in the medieval ages, the golden age of piracy, and so on and so forth. With that in mind, the idea that pirates and knights could coexist with modern society is not so far-fetched as it may seem.
  • Why were Schiess/Trigger and Montoya able to so easily escape Silencia Venomosa after the car crash? Because their car caught on fire, and therefore she just logically assumed that they died in the fire. Even so, wouldn't you expect a seasoned killer like Venomosa to check to make sure they were dead? However, remember that it has been established that Venomosa suffers from pyrophobia because her home burned down when she was only a child. She wouldn't want to go anywhere near the car while it was still burning, and she probably couldn't risk waiting around for the flames to go out (since such a crash would definitely attract attention, something she deliberately avoids) to check for their bodies.
  • It cannot be a coincidence that Wyldstyle, the first The LEGO Movie character to appear in Dino Attack RPG canon, makes her debut in The Madness of Agent Zero. Both the film and the short story feature the same reveal: the LEGO Universe is merely a plaything of our world.
  • In a case of Evil vs. Evil, four major LEGO villains allied with Dino Attack Team, while three major LEGO villains allied with XERRD. It is clear that each of the three XERRD-allied villains is an Evil Counterpart to a Dino Attack-allied villain: Dr. Inferno to Ogel (the Big Bads of their respective LEGO secret agent themes), Senor Palomar to Sam Sinister (the Big Bads of their respective LEGO Adventurers subthemes), and Willa the Witch to Lord Vladek (the Big Bads of their respective LEGO castle themes). At first glance, this leaves the Brickster as the only Dino Attack-allied LEGO villain who does not have a XERRD-associated Evil Counterpart. However, an argument can be made that he does actually have a counterpart: the Darkitect. How so? The Brickster and the Darkitect are each the Big Bad of a LEGO videogame and, unlike all other LEGO villains working with Dino Attack or XERRD (who seek wealth or power), these two LEGO villains have chaos and destruction as their desired goals.

Fridge Horror

  • Cam O'Cozy felt the team wasn't doing their job right. He felt the idealists were in the way. He wanted all the top idealists dead. His plan was literally complete genocide, wanting to wipe out every single solitary individual with the slightest beliefs in idealism, taking control of the army, forcing realists to join his cause and proclaiming death to those who refused. Thinking about it in detail, it suddenly starts to become shockingly similar to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism, along with his efforts to "purify" the humanity by exterminating anyone who did not fit the idea of the Aryan race, and he'd similarly force Germans to join his cause and order the deaths of anyone who opposed him.
  • Knowing that Cam O'Cozy was just an act (as opposed to characters like Duke), it is less horrifying. ShadowTech, on the other hand, is much closer to Nazism incarnate. Even though Jackson Lake intended for it to be based upon the Eugenics movement, it's when you think about the various characterizations of ShadowTech over the years and how they come together that lead inevitably to the comparisons with Nazi Germany. ShadowTech has been depicted as an organization that was using the Dino Attack as a means of weeding out the "strong" from the "weak", trying to take natural selection and survival of the fittest into its own hands in order to "improve" the Minifig race, even if it meant the deaths of billions (horribly reminiscent of Nazi Germany's methods of achieving a "master race"... the holocaust). Those that oppose their plan, such as Dino Attack Team, often found themselves attacked and kidnapped by mysterious soldiers dressed entirely in black (uncannily similar to the Gestapo). Of course, there's the "Everything Sounds Menacing In German" trope, and the fact that the organization was founded by a German family (whose name contains the German word for "Shadow", no less) causes one to think of the "All Germans Are Nazis" trope. And that's horrifying.
  • Maria seems to prefer to keep quiet about her work in the Dino Attack Team due to her working in a society with very specific gender roles. Thomsen considered it humiliating just to have his hat shot off by her. Who knows what would happen if the citizens of El Paso found out she wasn't "in her place"?
  • The alpha T-Rex dons a T-Rex skull to wear as a helmet in battle. Word of God states that this was inspired by the Pokémon species Cubone... which was known for donning the skulls of their deceased mothers. Which means that, when Chompy donned the T-Rex skull to mark that he was the new alpha male after the previous alpha female (Chompy's mother, no less) perished in battle...
  • Disregard the slightly cute, grinning minfig skull piece for a moment and ponder the fact that Ogel Drones are literally walking skeletons. It's no wonder that Lego decided to move on to outlandish mutants and cyborgs with the Agents line.
  • It was shown that at least one Octosaur got out of the Goo Caverns and attacked a ship. Given it was never explicitly killed nor seen again, it would be reasonable to assume octosaur attacks are very rare and largely go undocumented, making it virtually impossible to tell their numbers. Now yes, we do have a whole movement probably destroying any surviving mutant dinosaurs and trying to fix up however many ecosystems their rampages no doubt mucked up, and rebuild the cities, but what about the oceans? Nice job breaking it XERRD, you've just turned the Kraken from an old superstition to a horrific nightmare of reality. Now all it takes is for an Octosaur to develop intelligence and then you might just have made Cthulhu real as well. Oh, wow, now I got to go write a LEGOized version of The Call of Cthulhu.
  • For anyone who complains that the ending is too happy for such a dark RPG, here's some post-RPG Fridge Horror to make you second-guess just how happy the ending really is. Let's take a quick look at a few of PeabodySam's surviving characters:
    • Frozeen mentioned that, now that the world was finally at peace and Ogel left for good, there might not be a need for Alpha Team anymore, leaving him feeling as though his purpose has been stripped away. Frozeen is likely to suffer from a similar post-war depression as Rotor.
    • Greybeard is sacrificing his ability to be a free pirate on the high seas for however long it takes to raise Mary Rose. Even when she comes of age, keep in mind that Greybeard is already very old... he might not have many more years to go after the Dino Attack. Even for a LEGO pirate, there must be a limit to how old he can be and still sail the high seas as a swashbuckling pirate.
    • Mary Rose was only 6 years old when her parents were killed by Mutant Raptors and she had to survive by herself on the dinosaur-infested streets of LEGO City. That has got to resonate with her and haunt her for the rest of her life... and keep in mind that she's on the opposite side of the spectrum as Greybeard in terms of life expectancy.
    • Sam Race is slated to suffer from PTSD as a result of witnessing firsthand the true horrors of war during the Final Battle. According to Word of God, he will have no choice but to become a Stepford Smiler and put on a confident and strong public image in order to lead the Space Knights he now rules over. This only makes him far more tragic, because imagine how the only people who will know of his blight will be those who know him outside the public's eye.
    • Talia Kaahs had so much Fridge Horror to her post-war life, it eventually became canon with the Expanded Universe short story Scars.
    • On a related note, Andrea Jackson may be married to a fine young girl but it's easy to forget that she's subject to hallucinations, possibly due to schizophrenia developed in her bunker. That combined with her own father being institutionalized plus potentially traumatic memories of him and the actual war is likely to have permanent psychological damage even with years of therapy and a loving girlfriend to support her.
  • This may have been brought up before, but despite being a Morally Ambiguous Doctorate and Dr. Jerk, it does seem a little odd that Medic would randomly decide to remove a patient's skeleton for no particularly good reason, especially when you consider that the incident that nearly cost him his medical license was the only account of him doing something that bad. Everywhere else he is depicted as being competent but simply looking down on the other doctors or getting more pleasure out of cutting open his patients than actually helping them. Why would he remove a man's entire skeleton? Perhaps the real process was actually something slightly more feasible and the media just blew it out of proportion. For instance Pierce could have walked in on Medic removing a few bones. However, Medic is usually depicted as knowing what he is doing despite questionable methods, so taking this logic into account, Pierce's interference may have been what really botched the surgery. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! indeed.
  • According to Word of God, after the events of Dino Attack RPG, Tex stays with Fullmetal until her dying day, and Tex will die at the age of 117 while Fullmetal will die at the age of 124. Seems fair enough... until you remember that Fullmetal was 21 when Tex was born, meaning that, when you do out the math, these given ages indicate that Tex will die 14 years after Fullmetal. Does this mean that Writers Cannot Do Math? Or... does it mean that, after Fullmetal dies, Tex will stay by his grave for the next 14 years, feeling too depressed to leave, until she finally joins him in death?
  • Why did Zero Go Mad from the Revelation at the end of The Madness of Agent Zero? Obviously, it's because he developed Medium Awareness and knows he's a fictional character, but it's actually far worse than that. Due to Author Existence Failure, Zero's story cannot be continued by BZP Noob #30000, and this is referenced in the story when "Rex" tells Zero that his "guiding hand" has been lost. Therefore, Zero isn't merely finding out that he's the fictional plaything of a greater power... but that he's been abandoned by his own creator. Poor guy.

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