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Fridge / Di Ingon Nato

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The townspeople think that the infected are possessed by the evil spirits and call a priest to perform an exorcism on the victim. This is the reality in the rural portions of the Philippines that barely got access to modern-day technology, as they blame anomalous happenings as a curse or the work of evil spirits coming from nature instead of scientific explanations.
  • The survivors have limited access to weapons, which are often improvised. Again, rural towns in the Philippines mostly utilize farming tools hence the explanation. So we do not expect them to be armed with BFGs and MoreDakka

Fridge Horror

  • Dario's son and Cap's daughter are taking refuge in a house in which they barricade all entrance and exits. But the barricades are already starting to give weight to the infected...
    • Even if the infected do not breach the barricades, how long will their food supplies last until an unlikely rescue arrives?
  • Perhaps the Ultimate Fridge Horror: Although the outbreak seems to be isolated, how long will it stay that way? How long will the infected spread out from the town and infected surrounding towns? And if surrounding towns are infected, how long until the province of Cebu falls? Would it eventually engulf the Philippines and the entire world?

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