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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Shiro a Meaningful Name, anyway? Simple. There are two types of blood cells, white and red. Shiro's alter ego is the Red Man.
  • Shiro's actions in the Dog Race make a lot more sense knowing that she has a Healing Factor. She was deliberately triggering traps in order to disarm them because they couldn't do any real damage to her. She wanted Ganta to go for the ball rather than saving her because he needed the Cast Points, and while being impaled by those spikes would hurt, she'd survive it and be back to her old self in no time. Of course, Ganta knows none of this.
    • Though the fact that Shiro is a Death Seeker lends itself to the alternate interpretation that the act of triggering those traps were suicide attempts.
    • Similarly, in episode 7 we see that Ace-Man wore a costume that's stunningly similar to the outfit Shiro wears while in the Red-Man personality.
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  • Nagi's bare-handed slaughter of the Undertakers two years ago is most likely the reason the anti-Branch of Sin weapons Genkaku and the others used were developed.
  • Minatsuki's decrease in antagonism in later chapters. If her more unsavory habits were a result of trying to keep people at arms' length or for manipulative purposes, then it makes sense she'd lose them as she reconnected with her brother and became friends with Ganta. She's no longer actively trying to keep everyone away.
  • The infamous formaldehyde line is not merely about Minatsuki sadistically taunting Ganta. She is, in her own cruel way, teaching Ganta the truth about what happens to lovers in Deadman Wonderland, a truth that Nagi learned the hard way: They have no qualms about forcing you to fight the one you love to the death and killing anyone who refuses, and even your children are fair game for experimentation. In turn, it reveals another aspect of Minatsuki's psyche: Not only is she convinced that no one can be trusted, she quite reasonably believes that it's pointless to even try to allow herself to love as long as she's in Deadman Wonderland.
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  • In Chapter 42, Wretched Egg's sad smile right before Ganta's blood bullets make impact makes much more sense once you read Chapter 55. Shiro's a Death Seeker, and Ganta is The Only One Allowed To Defeat Her. Too bad it was a No-Sell thanks to her Healing Factor.
  • Why was Rokuro's Villainous Breakdown so over the top? Because his entire character is a parody to Death Note's own Axe-Crazy protagonist Light Yagami! Since Light's own Villainous Breakdown is stuff of legend, it's only natural that they try to out do the original!
    • It gets even better. You know how Light was completely calm, and had a Mask of Sanity that instantly disintegrated as soon as things didn't go as he planned? Rokuro is the exact same way. Only amplified to the point where it becomes absolutely hilarious.
  • Has anyone noticed that in the beginning and end of Ganta's powers there is a large sign of deadman wonderland falling on both him and shiro. Also note how both Shiro and Ganta's positions are different in both cases. In one he is above Shiro while in the other he is below. Minor, right? Well, it could show the change in his mindset. From killing the Red Man to Shiro.

Fridge Horror (as if this series wasn't disturbing enough)

  • The fact that there is no Split Personality to Shiro means that not only was Shiro completely aware of the mass murder she committed and framed Ganta for, but that Ganta wants to spend his life with the Yandere stalker who murdered his last girlfriend, the rest of his classmates and his teacher and then framed him for the crime. In retrospect, Ganta/Minatsuki seems like a healthy relationship in comparison.
  • Mimi died in the first issue/episode with her eyes open, her face fixed in an expression of absolute horror. This means that the Red Man killed her last, and possibly made her watch every traumatizing second of the carnage. She died in a state of sheer terror.
    • It gets so much worse when you remember that there was no 'Wretched Egg' personality; this was the same bubbly, happy Shiro we see later that same issue/episode, and that she and the bloodthirsty, Ax-Crazy Wretched Egg are one and the same.
    • No what really makes it creepy is this: Shiro is Yandere and wanted to not only Murder the Hypotenuse but to essentially taunt her before she died.
  • Chapter 43. That scene with Hagire and Wretched Egg, where Wretched Egg was lying naked on her bed after having just fought Ganta. Hagire just walks in, and begins touching her naked body while she casually describes her latest fight with Ganta, completely unfazed, and almost seems okay with it. Begging the question of just how used to this kind of thing she is.
    • It's even worse in hindsight, thanks to Chapter 55. The Wretched Egg in the sense of it being a Superpowered Evil Side never existed; that was Shiro, just as it always had been.
  • In episode 5, After losing, Crow has his right eye removed for losing the match. Nightmare Fuel aside, look at the gambling machine: it happens to have other options such as hand, stomach, tongue, etc. What happens if it lands on one of those?!

Deadman Wonderland even has characters that fill out each of the Tarot Card Motifs:

  • 0 — The Fool: Shiro.
  • I — The Magician: Ganta.
  • II — The High Priestess: Minatsuki.
  • III — The Empress: Makina.
  • IV — The Emperor: Necro Macro.
  • V — The Hierophant: Rinichirō Hagire.
  • VI — The Lovers: Chan and En
  • VII — The Chariot: Yoh.
  • VIII — Strength: Karako.
  • IX — The Hermit: Senji.
  • X — The Wheel of Fortune: Toto.
  • XI — Justice: Daida.
  • XII — The Hanged Man: Nagi.
  • XII — Death: Azuma
  • XIV — Temperance: Kasuga.
  • XV — The Devil: Tamaki.
  • XVI — The Tower: Rokuro.
  • XVII — The Star: Sorae Igarashi.
  • XVIII — The Moon: Azami.
  • XIX — The Sun: Idaki.
  • XX — Judgement: Yosuga.
  • XXI — The World: The Red Man/The Wretched Egg.

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