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Fridge Horror

  • One of the other monsters in the basement is described by the closed captions as having, "a voice sounding like Daisy's." Did Curtis create one of his monsters with DNA, or worse, body parts, stolen from his own daughter?
  • In the closed captions in the basement, it seems that Curtis, Daisy's father, cut a coworker's legs off to use in his experiments, later harvesting the rest of their body. In that same video, Alan suddenly has very human looking legs, that don't match the rest of his skin at all.
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  • The hidden messages in the closed captions are creepy enough on their own, and it only gets worse when you realize Daisy can't be the one writing them. Since she learned to type on a typewriter, without the use of a delete key, she has a very distinctive typing style, which is littered with typos. All the captions have near-perfect grammar and spelling.
  • More of a Fridge Tear Jerker, but when Daisy found Strawberry the cat, she had a collar on. Strawberry had an owner, if not a family, who will probably never know what happened to her.
  • In the closed captions for one video, Daisy's father threatens to rip her hair out. A few videos later, Alan actually goes through on that threat. Once Alan's able to talk, he makes it clear that not only despises Daisy, but that he feels he and Dr. Brown are very alike in their hatred. With that in mind, Alan may have gone for her hair because Dr. Brown threatened to do so.
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  • Alan's abuse gets more disturbing when you consider the format. We only find out details if Daisy records it, she directly tells us, or the captions allude to it. It's never revealed what started the argument in "the basement", as the video opens with Daisy recording it specifically so the audience can see what Alan is like. The cause of her breakdown in "Hateful Thoughts" can only be inferred through piecing together details from her Twitter and the captions for that video (Alan broke her dad's tapes and insulted her mother's Death by Childbirth yet again). Daisy is occasionally shown with bruises and bandages that are not directly mentioned but are all but outright stated to be caused by Alan. She states in "im outside" that it isn't the first time Alan has chased her outside like what we see in the video. In other words, Alan could be doing things just as bad, and possibly worse, that we never find out about because it happens off-camera and Daisy never brings it up. What we see or hear about is only the tip of the iceberg. Same goes for Curtis' abusive episodes in the past.

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