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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Miia scaring the child she tried to rescue is Played for Laughs, but it's also a clever allusion to the fact that that the word 'lamia' was used in a psuedo-bogeyman fashion to frighten and/or discipline children. And indirectly, that the original Ancient Greek lamia was a child-eater, represented by Miia inadvertently appearing quite hellish to the little girl (thankfully she, and other lamias, have zero intention of eating children in this series).
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  • Rachnera's speed seems a little crazy... and then you realize that spiders can move very fast. Scale one up to the size of a human/king-sized bed and well...
  • In Chapter 9 when rescuing Suu from falling into the river, Kimihito didn't drive the pick-up truck especially fast. He just ran it off the edge of the road, anticipating that Papi wouldn't be able to hold on for long. He was still pretty fast to get the Racist Couple out that quickly, as well as tough enough to survive the fall.
  • Lala didn't teleport. She merely grabbed the truck as it turned past Kimihito, then alighted behind him.
  • Why is it we get all these villainous-looking introductions to so many recent monster girls? Because that's how the normal person sees them all the time! Even Kimihito can be initially shocked by first impressions, but they become cuter because Kimihito sees PAST their scary initial impressions!
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  • Kimihito tells Rachnera that he already knows the reason why her flirtations are more teasing and less serious than the other girls: because she is afraid of injuring him like she had accidentally injured a member of her previous host family. But that might not be the only reason. It's not uncommon for male spiders to be mistaken for prey by females or even eaten anyway after mating. Her species might function the same way (and provide another excuse for why the extraspecies seen are predominantly female) and she doesn't want to become a literal black widow. It also explains why she accepts the possibility of Kimihito dying early when Lala shows up. Not only is he the most fragile person in the house, but males of her species might rarely live to old age themselves. In Nature even if they are not eaten after mating, male spiders still live much shorter live than females. Among tarantula for example, males have a lifespan of about 3-6 years while females can live for more than 20.
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  • Rachnera getting drunk on coffee - which is a pretty funny moment, until you realize that she was the one who ordered it in the first place, not to mention that it was likely the first time she got drunk in front of Kimihito. In a hindsight, it looks like her troubled memories and recurring nightmares - and/or the resignation of going back to her original host family - really pushed her to try and drown her sorrows.
  • The nearly identical family resemblance between Miia/Papi/Centorea and their mothers actually makes a great deal of sense. It's been established that when monsters breed with humans the result is an un-hybridised monster, and in fact, this in the only way for lamias and harpies to reproduce. So with all three girls having human fathers, of course their mother's genes would be dominant, and the same would be true even if a monster child is born male, barring any learned behaviors from the father.
  • Why does Rachnera call Kimihito "Honey"? Because you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.note 
  • Want to know why nobody ever complains of back pain? Liminals all have Super Strength. No matter how large their chest is, the weight is probably meaningless to them, beyond perhaps some stiffness in their shoulders. Its even noted that large breasts are normal in general for monsters with large bodies.
  • Miia's difficulty in getting intimate with Kimihito without hurting him seems strange when we learn lamias are generally so good at sex with human men that those they trick into bed usually choose to stay as communal husbands and are not harmed (beyond perhaps exhaustion). The brilliance comes in how Miia is stated by her mother to have been notably shy growing up. So it seems likely she missed out on/avoided a fair bit of sexual training/teaching that other lamias got.
    • Her species also likes to mate in groups, with several women sharing a man at once. So it may be that it feels weird having Kimihito all to herself, or she lacks the confidence to do it alone when every intimate encounter she saw growing up was a group affair.
  • The anime switches the timeline of various chapters up a bit to introduce the girls more quickly. This requires some clever changes to incorporate characters in events they were not a part of in the manga. The biggest example so far is including Suu in the events of Miia shedding. Suu is established in the manga as not being harmed by Miia's cooking, so how do you get her out of the way with the other girls? Have her mimic for fun the behavior of the girls who are sick of course! This is shown subtly in how the "soul" coming out of the "sick" Suu is clearly her own normal tentacle-antennae, unlike the others, and has a happy face.
  • Doppelgangers have no subspecies shown in their end-card entry. But then how would that even be identifiable in creatures that can take any form they want?
  • Harpies aren't the forgetful idiots they appear to be. Their 3-step memory isn't as much of a problem when you realize they could fly everywhere instead of walking. Its the need to land to properly interact with people, and walk around indoors that causes their frequent memory problems.
  • This being an ecchi series, every girl is going to be seen naked at one point or another... except for Doppel, who is totally undressed and yet always manages to hide her most private parts. The color pages of chapter 39 show that she can talk to the reader. So she not only enjoys to tease the other characters in the story, but she endlessly teases the readers as well!
  • Miia, Papi, Centorea and Mero's mothers are all quite young looking to the point the former three look more like their sisters and the latter still seems too young compared to her daughter's age. However, many fictional species like Elves have much longer lifespans than Humans. Their youthful appearances are likely due to the fact that they ARE still young by their races' age standards.
  • In the first OAV Manako is seen at the kiddie pool together with Papi and Suu. It may seem strange since she, unlike the other two, is never presented as child-like. But then one remembers that Manako has a complex about her appearance: given that this special episode gives everyone (even Polt) a huge bust, she might be embarassed to stay among the other girls flaunting their half-naked bodies, and prefers the company of the more "innocent" and modestly-endowed girls.
  • Miia's Lethal Chef tendencies are explained in part by her being descended from carnivores, which have a less developed sense of taste since they only eat one thing. This makes even more sense than it seems, since those carnivores are snakes, which would have even less of a sense of taste since they swallow all their food whole.
  • Lamias have a much longer tail than most fictional snake people, which probably makes some scenes harder to draw than they should be, but makes sense; if snake people were real, they would need a tail that long to support a human torso on top of it.
    • Not necessarily. To support the human torso would be more about weight, and muscle strength than sheer length. Many real snakes can raise (proportionally) substantially larger portions of their bodies off the ground than the likely weight (proportionally) that the tail of a lamia supports.
    • Not quite accurate. Weight increases in three dimensions, while muscle strength increases in two. You don't see Anacondas rearing up half their body, after all. At the size a Lamia would be, that would all have to be SOLID muscle with a significant counterbalance in order for her to not be slithering with her face to the ground constantly.
  • The book being in a World of Buxom actually makes more sense than usual, fanservice-wise; half the cast don't have human lower bodies, so the artist has to make the most of the curves they do have!
    • Okayado's author avatar though admits in one omake that he just outright likes buxom more than other body types.
  • Why does Papi refer to herself in the third person? Because names jog the memory more than unspecific pronouns like "I", and harpies are forgetful. It's probably a habit left over from when she lived with her family.
    • Given that Harpy families share an uncanny resemblance referring to themselves by name is one of the few ways to tell each other apart.
  • Suu's telepathic-tentacle abilities seem almost Combo Platter Powers territory at first. But with the revelation that there are two kinds of slime - nutrient-gatherer and experience-gatherer - and that Suu is the latter, it actually fits quite neatly. Nutrient-types would would use their tentacles to absorb nutrients, after all, so experience-types...
  • As revealed in the end cards there are a few species that have venom, but their venom isn't strong enough to kill or majorly damage human. This mirrors real life animals, as a species gets bigger, it gets weaker venom as it relies on it's larger body to be usable in combat as opposed to hit and run tactics of other smaller venomous animals. Look at the emperor scorpion for example, it is larger then most scorpions, but has less potent venom. Ditto for tarantulas vs black widows. Now scale that up to larger then human so you get a lot stronger, but venom loses its potency in exchange for physical power.
  • Why can Ms. Smith walk into Kimihito's house whenever she wants? As an exchange supervisor she probably has a pair of keys to every host family's house so she can get in in the event of an emergency, or investigate suspicious activity. With all the shenanigans Kimihito gets into she has to check on him a lot more than other hosts.
  • In a manga that's often praised for it's biological accuracy, why does Rachnera only have six eyes instead of eight? Because six is all there's room for without giving her a huge forehead. Biological accuracy is nice, but in an ecchi manga Rule of Sexy always comes first.
  • Lamias are said to be renowned for their skills in the erotic arts. And while it doesn't go into detail, with a bit of hinking, one skill certainly comes to mind...someone who's part snake can't have much of a gag reflex.
    • Not exactly. A Lamia’s lower half is snake, but her upper half is still human. They eat, breath, and do most other things with their upper half with most “Snake” qualities only working out as Rule of Cute. Since her digestive tract is still human, she most likely retains a sort of gag reflex.
  • In chapter 54, Suu absorbs a bottle of royal jelly and becomes a gargantual kaiju-sized slime capable of combatting the enemy slime she's faced with. Everyone wonders what is in the royal jelly that makes her so gargantuan and fierce, so someone guesses it's the nutrients. In a sense, it is. Royal jelly is a substance produced by bees that is fed to a bee larvae in order to have it eventually grow into a queen bee. Suu's sudden boost in confidence and fighting power may be her taking on a 'queenly' stature. However, also of note is that queen bees are the largest bees in the whole of the hive. So Suu absorbing the substance that makes a queen so large may have made her grow large as well.
  • Kimihito finds Tio's warm embrace dangerous because once you are in it, it is impossible to escape but can't really explain why he gets this feeling beyond that. When you consider that by then Kimihito has nearly died from hugs from Miia and has been subjected to Marshmallow Hell from many a monstergirl but has always escaped before suffocating, his fear of an embrace he can't escape is well founded. It's not just hyperbole, seeing how Tio also affected Kii and Polt; the former being incredibly stubborn in general but melting before Tio in seconds, while the latter only held out for a little longer despite mentally preparing herself for it.
  • How is it that Tionishia is able to get such perfect bras, while Centorea has trouble just finding one that comes close to fitting her? As a member of MON Tio has access to specially designed clothing, like her extra large combat gear. This would naturally include bras capable of withstanding her enormous bosom, which could get in her way like Centorea's during her work.
    • It's also likely that Tionishia is completely honest about her bust size, allowing her to accurately find clothing that will fit. Since any use of strength can tear her clothing, she can't afford to put on even-smaller-than-normal clothes with this difficulty. By contrast, Centorea's hesitant to admit her exact bust size, and so finding a good fit is more difficult since she gives inaccurate measurements.

Fridge Horror:

  • Once you realize the ramifications of the governments revealing the existence of monster races, the world suddenly feels very less lighthearted. Single-sex races like Harpies and Lamia only produce their own race, and this could effectively reduce the human population if enough people were to mate with them. The entire effect that it may have on the medical industry as a whole takes a whole new level as well, especially when you realize that most hospitals were designed for humans, and the amount of money and time to ensure that they could easily treat the newly revealed races would be ridiculous- especially if you think of what kind of changes would have to be made to accommodate large species like Centaurs (How large of an ambulance would you need to transport a lamia after a traffic accident?). Doctors- who are already under enough stress with the human population- now have to learn the anatomy and physiology of countless other races in a very short amount of time, otherwise hospitals would be unable to deal with the new booming population of sentient creatures. And the less said about the geopolitical climate, the better.
    • Course some of these are not much of an issue if you look into them more. Monsters have had their own societies and governments for thousands of years and somehow have coexisted with humanity (and known to most/all governments) for all that time without human populations being affected (as famous as the all female, human-dependent races are they still seem to be a minority among the monsters). When it comes to medical facilities monsters are tough and healthy enough that they don't seem to need them much, and when they do the government seems to have people who know enough to provide them (and if not then they can go back to their own people).
  • At one point, Centorea is nearly raped by a gang, because if she fights back to defend herself she'll be the one who gets in trouble. In addition, she would've been deported for technically breaking the "no sex with humans" law, even though she was unwilling. Thankfully, Rachnera comes to the rescue, but it brings up a horrifying thought: how many monster-girls weren't rescued from this situation? How many have been cornered by human rapists, legally forbidden from fighting back, and after they were defiled they were forcibly deported, essentially being punished for being raped? The reverse (as depicted by the orc robbery/hostage situation) is also worrisome. Heck, just apply that to host families in general, especially considering full moon phases. How many members of host families were raped by their charges? The victim would end up in jail and the extraspecies person would only be deported. True, host families are supposed to be warned about that and likely told what precautions to take, but Kimihito found out too late from Agent Smith and by that point he had three monster girls to fend off. It was really a miracle that he escaped with his virtue intact (even with substantial injury). How many other families have suffered because Agent Smith's laziness and neglect of protocol? And odds are she's not the only substandard/overworked agent either.
  • When you look closely during Centorea's scene after Lala declares Kimihito is on the verge of death, you see the car that she causes to crash has the Racist Couple in it. Considering that they stopped appearing afterwards aside from a brief flashback cameo, it's very likely they didn't survive that crash. The anime makes this even more likely, as the car straight-up explodes instead of just crashing.
  • We learn in volume 7 that Papi's father is Japanese and that her parents don't live together despite their love for one another. Which makes a sad sort of sense given that it's only been three years since the government even acknowledged the existence of harpies. And since the government is only now experimenting with the idea on inter-species marriage, the question remains whether or not Papi's parents are legally recognized to be married at all. Papi even had to go into the interspecies cultural exchange program in order to legally enter what by all rights should be her home country. It makes one wonder just how many other families have been split apart by the masquerade?
  • Yuuhi getting turned into a zombie by Lala in order to let her live the life she otherwise wouldn't have had because of her terminal illness. Great intentions and all, no doubt about that. But there's still likely gonna be some pretty damn big changes to Yuuhi's life, such the inability to heal as we've seen from Zombina's patchwork appearance. And that's not even getting into the big questions like whether she'll be able to grow and develop due to being undead.
  • With the introduction of Kino, a Matango girl and the reputation of her species, the function of her spores rapidly becomes this. After all, a mushroom is not a plant, it´s a parasitic organism and the reproductive cycle of a mushroom is through releasing the spores and allowing them to combine with each other to make new mushrooms. What better way for a sentient mushroom to assure a healthy offspring than having it grow and drain nourishment from a host that´s high as a kite and unknowing (if not unwilling) to leave the source of the spores at all? Considering the nest-like webbing forming around her from sitting still for too long, one can only wonder what would have happened to the household and its occupants (sure unintentional as it may have been, the spores couldn´t be withdrawn either) if the issue with Kino´s spores had been left unresolved...
  • Okay, Miia is a cultural rebel who doesn't like that her race traditionally kidnaps its mates. Great. But what about all the other lamia, who aren't as open-minded and have been conditioned to reproduce solely through gang-rape?
    • Course given how quickly Miia's mother took a shine to the idea of having a man she didn't have to share with everyone, chances are a lot of lamias are going to change their minds as well now that they have much greater access to human men than before.
  • It's shown that the full moon can make an extra species lose control of themselves as their natural instincts and more primal urges take over. While Kimihito's case was a bit exaggerated since he had three lovestruck suitors trying to outdo each other, without proper precautions just about every extra species could become a threat to others and themselves on these nights.
    • The behavior of Kimihito's other roommates under such conditions could be down right fatal.
    • Suu will instinctively go after nearly any source of water. She's on record for drinking it right off of someone in ways that could be considered borderline sexual assault. She's also come close to drowning Kimihito while embracing him several times without even realizing it. Now imagine if she lost what little mental faculties she's gained since showing up. Of course, we eventually learn that she seems to be totally unaffected by the full moon, and the threat of using her against the other residents keeps the girls who are affected from trying to ravish Kimihito in the night.
    • Mero already has an unhealthy obsession with tragedy, trying to invoke numerous fairy tale and romance tropes in real life, with a habit of zoning out and outright losing touch with reality. If the full moon were to escalate this, she could become completely delusional or schizophrenic.
    • Rachnera enjoys tying others up in her webs bondage style, and can easily outmaneuver and trap anyone else despite her size. If she were to lose her sense of control or restraint and tried to take Kimihito for herself, just about nobody could really stop her except for Suu.
  • Near the end of chapter 29 is revealed that Centorea's mother fell in love with her human teaser and slept with him instead of her intended mate, covering up what happened by telling her "mate" that he just passed out during the event. Not only did Centorea spend her whole life thinking another centaur was her father, he doesn't even realize that she's not his daughter. Centorea has probably never even met her real father, even unwittingly.
  • The reveal that Lamias would kidnap and force themselves on human men to reproduce in the past is more horrifying when you consider that up until recently humans didn't know they even existed. The poor men must have thought they had lost their minds as they found themselves being gang-raped by literal monster women.
    • What's worse is that governments knew of this, and rather then setting up some kind of deal to help the Lamia find willing and consenting partners, they chose not to interfere until after the Interspecies Exchange Act was passed. Allowing them to continue preying on unsuspecting men, with seemingly no punishment or repercussions. In fact The Masquerade would also require the government to keep any of the Lamias' male victims who escaped quiet. Meaning that they were possibly negligent in preventing countless men from being preyed upon, and might have been either actively keeping the victims silent, or payed off others to believe that they're just spouting nonsense (helped by the fact that until their existence was revealed, who would believe such creatures existed?).

Fridge Logic:


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