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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why are the iconic heroes standing around tutoring young heroes instead of out there fighting the surge in crime? Their rogues gallery just multiplied. They don't have the time to fight crime and still have a normal life. And they do get out of the office occasionally, particularly during the "mentor arcs" where you join them to fight their opposite number.
  • All the pre-order copies have different bonus items depending on where you bought them. Three guesses what the item for pre-orders is, and the first two don't count.
  • A lot of the "briefings" and whatnot you can discover throughout the game have snippets from something called "Daily Planet Live", with Lois Lane giving a news report. Why would the Daily Planet be giving a live show? Well, the New York Times and Washington Post got their start as newspapers but have had to diversify in the last decade in order to stay in business with newspaper revenue going ever downward! Of course the Daily Planet would have to branch into other forms of media, too, if it's going to survive in the Internet era!
    • Plus, the Daily Planet is currently Bottled, so it's not like they could really get access to their presses at this point in time.
  • Why did the Arkham villains decide to capture The Joker? Remember how you betrayed Mr. Freeze and stole the diamonds for The Joker while leaving him to be sent to Arkham? Remember his alluding to him having his revenge?
  • Who is the the Mysterious Benefactor that hired Abra Kadabra to Ret Gone The Flash? Future Luthor. Also foreshadows the Origin Crisis story line.
  • As you go through the game, you encounter villains whose powers are based on fear, like Scarecrow and Sinestro, but hero player characters are either not effected at all or effected to a drastically lesser degree than even DC's signature heroes. Well, take a moment and analyze your character's last memory as of the start of the tutorial. The last thing you remembered at the start of the game was suddenly having superpowers you didn't know how to control, and then being sucked up into a Brainiac harvester ship, processed like cattle, and put in a pod to be experimented on. It's not clear when you lost consciousness during the ordeal, but it's fair to say that what you were awake for was nothing short of a living nightmare. After you escape Brainiac's ship, you have nothing to fear anymore, because now you know you can fight back against the DC Universe's worst nightmares and win.
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  • Strangely, it's not just fear. Your character is also more resilient to mind control, magic, and many other similar forces than even the DC Universe's signature superheroes. Except...not so strangely. Your powers came from exobytes created some time in the future by Brainiac to digitize Earth's population of superheroes and villains into data, and some of them have powers that make them resistant to certain physical or metaphysical phenomena.


Fridge Horror

  • In the last part of Boss Fight with Doctor Psycho, he proclaims that all the heroes will one day be his slaves, and then he proceeds to create illusions of a couple of them, specifically Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Super Girl. The implications are not friendly to say the least.
  • In the "Corrupted Zameron" Duo Mission, Indigo-1 Mentions Hawkman and Hawkgirl's bones being together in an embrace, with Black Lantern!Hawkgirl appearing as the final boss. Considering that they had appeared much earlier within the game, it is likely they were Killed Offscreen between story lines.
    • Per the comics the Bones of the Hawks on Zameron are the originals, the (living) ones we see in game are latter re-incarnations. But if the Hawkgirl you fight is the current one she wasn't killed but possessed by the Black Lantern Rings, this is shown to happen to Lyssa Drak and Hank Henshaw in the Blackest Day Raid, and in Lyssa's case we actually SEE the possession happen on screen- Which is STILL Nightmare Inducing...
    • As of the 'First Piece' Duo This is confirmed on what happened to Hawkgirl, the Brieflings in the Duo outline that she was corrupted and possessed by the Black Lantern Ring, and the horror is that she was AWARE of what she was doing the whole time...but unable to stop it until she was freed.

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