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Fridge Brilliance

Fridge Horror

  • What you may or may not feel after reading The 10 Steps to Porn Addiction: Where Are You?.
  • In this article, Alli Reed sets up a fake online dating profile masquerading as the most self-absorbed, destructive, imbecilic person to have ever lived, and despairs when the dudes she attracts are totally undeterred by the hints that pursuing a relationship with her will only end in ruin. Reed takes this to mean that these guys are desperate enough to settle for someone unforgivably awful...but, as many commenters pointed out, it's equally if not more likely that they were actually sexual predators who thought her fake persona was easy prey.
    • The fact that dating sites don't run background checks makes that ten times worse, considering the above and that people have been killed by someone they met on the internet.
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  • Here's a bit of Fridge Horror for the 6 Realities In A Super Religious Family That Wants Me Dead, the reason Azime may have stopped responding might have been that she was afraid that her family would track her down or..., hopefully not, they probably did.

Fridge Logic

  • Why hasn't Brockway, a known slayer of robots, tried to kill Swaim, a known robot?
    • Because they won't give him his paycheck if he did.
  • After Hours focuses mostly on exploring Fridge Logic for classic films and TV shows.
  • Christina is "Mortal Wombat" on the forums. Inspired by Mortal Kombat of course, not a bad username as these things go...hey, wait a minute, aren't all wombats mortal?
    • Of course not, they're Australian.
    • It could be a reference to Mike, Lu & Og which had Mortal Wombat as a handheld video game.


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