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Fridge Logic in Cowboy Bebop.

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    Fridge Logic 
  • Used in-universe in the dubbed episode preview pertaining to "Jamming with Edward".
    Spike: Wait, if you made up that name, how can you be the Fourth?

    Fridge Horror 
  • In the movie, Ed retrieves the presumably nano-virus containing capsule from the vase with her mouth.
  • Gren's a very pretty, effeminate man. One can only cringe at the idea of him spending time in prison, especially after his body changed.
  • Man, out of Scratch's 20,000 followers, 100 killed themselves? That's pretty bad. Wait a minute, that would be reported dead or missing...and cults frequently prey upon people who are already social outcasts of one manner or another...and hell, Londes himself all but says the only purpose of Scratch is to convince people to off themselves under the auspices of Brain Uploading, though it won't really happen. That would make it very likely the real body count is much, much higher.
  • Faye is physically younger than her true age thanks to cryogenic hibernation, but even then, it's implied there's been a bit of time between since she's woken up and her time on the Bebop. In fact, with her hair not fashioned up by the headband, she pretty much looks identical to the day the Gate Accident happened, even despite at least a year or two passing by since she was awakened and all the crap and stress she's been through. The only other notable Gate Accident survivor in the series was a child with a piece of the Gate embedded in him and causing Immortality. Was Faye's aging slowed down potentially?
    • Wen's case is heavily implied to have been a freak occurrence, and Faye's accident was unrelated to the Gate Accident, happening several years earlier.

    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Spike went out with a bang. - randomfanboy
  • In Asteroid Blues, Katerina (Asimov's heavily pregnant wife) orders a bloody mary at the bar, prompting stares from the three men playing poker there. While 'bloody mary' later proves to be a euphemism selling Red Eye, it's the first hint that she isn't actually pregnant.
  • In Cowboy Funk, Teddy Bomber states that everyone with a price on their head is afraid of getting caught by either Spike or Andy. This is because while Spike is an expert not known for being gentle with his captures, being caught by an idiot like Andy would likely be just plain embarrassing.
    • Not to mention that Spike misses out on a lot of bounty payments because he ends up killing the bounty. He is a former assassin, after all.
      • In the same vein would be Andy's choice of weaponry: a revolver, sensible enough; and a grenade launcher. At what point in capturing a human being would that even be helpful, if not counterproductive?
  • In "Speak Like A Child" The beta tape and beta player are delivered by two different delivery companies, one has a tortoise as a mascot, the other a hare. Guess which one arrived first?
  • In Jupiter Jazz, Gren says this:
    Gren: She realised as soon as she heard it [the music box] was a gift from you [Vicious].
    • How would she have known that? It could have been because she knew Vicious was, well, Vicious. Or, Vicious could've done the same thing to her. We're shown a music box in her apartment once. And we were never told how Vicious found out about Spike and Julia. Vicious was probably eavesdropping on both of them. Julia because he didn't trust her, and Gren because he was framing him.
  • In "Jupiter Jazz", Faye seems a bit too astonished by Gren's being intersexed. You'd expect that kind of thing to become a little more common knowledge in the future. But then you discover that Faye is from the era of Betamax cassettes—it may be a simple case of Values Dissonance on her part.
    • Keep in mind though that this is a series from The '90s based on films and genres from The '70s and secondly, that Faye has retrograde amnesia and doesn't remember what it was like pre-Gate disaster. So that's a bit of a stretch, especially as Gynecomastia is still pretty unusual. It's not that Gren is intersexed; it's a real medical condition based on messing with hormones.
  • Something to imply Spike lived: the rose. You know the one. The one he took from Julia's apartment, then threw down on the sidewalk when she didn't show up. It was grey and fallen, then it came back to life. Turned red. When it made no sense for it to regain its color after it had been picked and cast aside.
  • At the end of The Movie when the credits starts, it shows various groups of people just standing there, looking up to the sky. Everyone around was experiencing the side-effects of the nanomachines that they had just been exposed to earlier. They were all staring at the butterflies.
  • Though it's rather well-known at this point, the flashback sequences in "Jupiter Jazz Part II" show a used Red Eye canister on Vicious's windowsill, explaining how Vicious can stand up to gun-wielding opponents like Spike using just a Katana. This also explains why Vicious is involved in Red Eye dealing in that episode.
  • In "Pierrot Le Fou," Tongpu/Mad Pierrot hangs out in an amusement park. Of course it makes sense for a mad clown to hang out in an amusement park. But then consider that Pierrot's mind has regressed to that of a child. Where else would a child be happier than at Space Disney Land?

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