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Fridge Brilliance

  • Dr. Simon Finch-Royce (John Cleese) of "Simon Says" is a famous marriage counselor. After describing his reputation for successful curing of marriage problems, Diane notes that rumor has it he even counseled Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Uh-huh. Considering what happened between that famous couple, soon hindsight, this can easily be seen as something of an accidental indication that maybe Diane, after hearing his "advice", is on to something—Dr. Finch-Royce really is highly overrated.
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  • Cliff has used the phrase "Hit the bricks!" twice in the series: once when Sam proved to another patron that he could still do his mug sliding trick (where the mug hooks a right at the corner of the bar) and once when a patron asked him to give him a jump start in a fierce rainstorm. The second time turned out to be a dream Diane was having. So, how did she remember this once-used phrase for her dream? Well, between the two episodes, Cliff tried to scare off another patron who'd been bullying him by pretending to know karate. He demonstrated his "skill" by literally hitting a brick and Diane was the one who had to take him to the hospital afterwards. Evidently, this incident caused her to remember the previous incident and it stuck with her all those years.
  • Speaking of the mug-sliding trick, Sam's ability to slide a mug of beer down the bar so that it makes the turn at the corner makes more sense when you remember he used to be a baseball pitcher. He's just applying the same skills he used to throw curve balls and such.
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  • It's been mention time and again in-series, and shown once during the opening of Season 3, but Diane really is Sam's Morality Pet, and part of the Flanderization can be attributed to Diane not being there to rein him in. (It doesn't explain the complete forgetting that Sam's an alcoholic, but perhaps Diane effectively "cured" him of that problem, and he's sublimating his desire to drink into sleeping around even more.)
  • After Robin Colcord is arrested and starts working on a road crew, Sam teases Rebecca by playing Bobby Fuller's "I Fought The Law". It seems like simple teasing at first, but if you're familiar with the song, it should cause much angst for Rebecca. The lyrics imply that the narrator's relationship with his girl ended because of his incarceration.
  • Sam's sexual addiction makes more sense when you remember he's a recovering alcoholic. He's simply switched one addiction for another.
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  • When the gang hears that the local drive-in theater is closing, they decide to pay it one last visit. Norm asks not to be sent to the snack bar because he racked up a large tab and cites the fact that they're closing as evidence. Although if you subscribe to the theory that movie theaters make most of their revenue at the snack bar, you might not think Norm was joking.

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