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Fridge Horror

  • The UNSA is doomed. In taking the Olympus Mons to Mars and losing both it and the Retribution in a raid on the SDF shipyard, Reyes has effectively doomed the UNSA. Despite crippling the SDF's ability to make ships, the UNSA is still left with only a single Destroyer in their "fleet," while the SDF still has ships active that were guarding targets of opportunity. With the AATIS down as well, SDF could easily wipe out the UNSA if they committed all of their remaining ships to the battle. Reyes should have kept the Olympus Mons and Retribution in a defensive role until the Earth fleets were rebuilt. While this would give SDF time to rebuild as well, it is made clear that UNSA ships are far superior to SDF ships, and the Mons would have been a game changer with other ships to keep the enemy destroyers away from it. Perhaps if Admiral Raines had survived, he could have prevented Reyes from engaging in such a foolish mission.
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  • Nick Reyes has killed the highest number of people among main protagonists of Call of Duty. When the Retribution's crew took over the Olympus Mons, they went to Mars, where Reyes personally activated the F-Spar laser cannon, and destroyed several ships with it, easily killing thousands of people.


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